New to Chloe need feedback

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  1. #1 Mar 1, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2014
    Hello everyone I do love the styles of Chloe but never owned one. Today I found this Chloe paraty on sale. Should I keep it or return it? What do you think of the color, it's called 'dove'? Do you like the paraty?

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  2. Gorgoues, keep it!

    How much?
  3. It was on sale for $1600. I can't seem to figure out is it a grey taupe or a light tan?
  4. Tjmaxx or Marshalls?
    I'm personally not a fan because I like my bag openings big so I can rummage through my stuff.

    I think the price is just okay not a super good deal or anything. I say save your money if you don't love it.
  5. I love this bag! Keep it!
  6. I think it is gorgeous! Nice neutral!
  7. I love the paraty...

    If you love it including the colour keep it! Its a good deal but not GREAT, so loving it is a must for that much money! I'm assuming taxes were extra!
  8. Thanks everyone, I keep looking at it and the neutral is such a great shade. My mom found me a blue one its pre owned and the color is fabulous just don't know which one I'd use more..?
  9. I love it I think it's beautiful..........I may be partial cause I have a neutral Paraty!! also...a red brick!
    Post a pic of the blue!! Would love to see!
  10. Here's the blue one my mom found

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  11. #11 Mar 4, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2014
    Omg, I would definitely keep this bag - it's beautiful! I'm after a Paraty in a neutral color like this. Right now I have this bag in black and it's one of my very favorites! Definitely keep :smile:
  12. Heyhey ladies!!

    I love both of them!! .....hmm Can you keep both is that a option?

  13. Oh I love the blue! I have a medium in a brownish-red (sorry don't know the name) and I love it. Got it off of ebay.

    Report back with what you decide!
  14. I'm so torn! Don't like the white stitching on the blue wish it was more navy. I love the dove color just unsure on the price and the clanking of the hardware. Do you find any cons with it?
  15. I was wondering about the hardware being too noisy when I bought my black Paraty, but to be honest I haven't ever noticed it with real-life use of the bag. I'm very picky and have yet to find a "con" with the Paraty. But if you're not in love with it, it may not be for you and that's ok. No harm done if you decide to keep looking for your perfect bag :smile: