New to Chloe - Kerala Bag, any thoughts?

  1. Hello!
    I just purchased my very first, not hopefully far from last, Chloe Bag... the Kerala shopper/vertical tote in black. I'm absolutely thrilled especially since it was marked down to $450 at my local Nordstroms! :p I was wondering if anyone here has this bag and has any thoughts on how heavy the charms are and/or if the charms held up. I read that the horsetail breaks off easily and I just want to make sure I can take care of the newest addition to my family.

    Any input would be great. I really look forward to anything you guys have to say! Thanks!
  2. Hi!

    It would be great if you could post pics...i think i know the one you mean, but i'm not sure!;) :smile:
  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the quick response. I will definitely post pictures!
  4. Thank you - just to help me, if no-one else! lol:shame:
  5. Hi again,
    This is the bag I purchased but in solid black. Can you believe only $450? Nordstrom is the best. Any thoughts on how the hardware will hold up would be fabulous.
    I know the Kerala isn't as popular as the Paddy/Edith/Betty trinity but it's my new baby and any comments and suggestions by any Chloe lovers would be greatly appreciated.

  6. ^Pretty and a great price. Did they have any other styles on sale?
  7. Definitely contact Nordstrom at Valley Fair in San Jose, CA for discounted Chloes. My SA, Phil, told me they just took another reduction on the remaining styles. I saw a couple of Silverados, I think the doctor's bag version and one in the Snakeskin version in the reduced section. Most around 500-600 marked down from 1000 plus.
  8. I really like that bag!
  9. I love it - it looks really tall and appears as though it must hold lots of stuff, including the kitchen sink!:graucho:

    Is it hand held only, or does it fit over the shoulder?

    Bargain price too!!:nuts: