New To Chloe - Introduction

  1. Hi!!! I am Micki. I am cheating on Louis Vuitton and Coach! I think that my new love :heart: is Chloe!!! :smile:

    I bought my first Paddington from eBay. I also bought a key chain from Neiman's ;).

    I look forward to learning more about the brand. I will take a picture of the bag when I receive it! :drool:
  2. Welcome to Chloe. There is a lot information on here and info about sales. Enjoy!
  3. Welcome Micky! :flowers:
  4. welcome you will love chloe its my fav
  5. Ohh you are stepping into dangerous, addictive territory. Better have a giant stash of cash ready, otherwise you'll find that you can't sleep at night because that jeans moyen paddy just keeps haunting you with its powdery blue beauty in your sleep... sigh.
  6. OMG! I obsessed over this Paddington for the past three weeks.


    It was so bad that Saturday I ran to Neiman Marcus to look for it (I didn't see it), so I started thinking about taking an impromptu overnight trip to Chicago to find a purse at Off 5th, Nordstrom Rack or Last Call.

    I realize that I am treading into very dangerous waters, but I am ready and prepared :drool:. I am actually thinking about selling off some of my LVs to finance this new obsession! :biggrin:
  7. Ah- a fellow St. Louisan! Darn that we don't have any off price sale outlet in which to indulge our obsession. Even our Nordstrom's or Saks don't carry Chloe. Thankfully the supply at Neiman's is rather abundant but sales are rare and usually do not include the Paddies. I noticed a few days ago they had several classics at full price - but not the colorway you desire.
  8. Aww still obsessed with that bag!

    Welcome to chloe! you will love it got soo many nice bags and gorgeus colours.. you will be dreaming about them all :smile:
  9. welcome to the chloe obsession micky! :heart:
  10. Pekie: hehe not to worry, not to worry, i'm eyeing a rather affordable (in chloe terms, "affordable") mousse one right now :drool:.

    MickMick: dreaming day and night of chloes seems horrible hazardous to one's health :drool:.
  11. Guess what?????

    No purse. I got an email from Ebay's Loss Prevention. :tdown:


    In a way I am happy...I found that you all are getting deals for close to what I was going to pay. I would rather have a new Paddington from NR or O5th than a used one.
  12. Amen!:graucho:

  13. Oh dear! :sad:

    As you say, though, it's probably for the best in the long run. :tup:
  14. Oh no! Do you mind me asking what happened? (I don't know exactly what Loss Prevention is for...)
    I was actually going to bid on that paddy but somehow missed it. Did it not turn out to be authentic?
  15. Hi MickMick, probably a fortunate miss. I paid £800 for my first paddy from NAP, then £920 for my bay from a department store (full price each time). Since then, thanks to tPF I have saved hundreds of pounds on each brand new bag I have bought since. Do a bit of research around here and you will save alot of money. (Also get any ebay purchases authenticated in the authenticate this thread in shopping).

    It is true, we do have dreams about Chloe bags. It is an obsession!