New to Chloe: Cary or Paraty?

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  1. Hi!

    I'm new to Chloe and am currently eyeing a Paraty - basic black calfskin with gold hardware to add to my satchel collection. :P

    But I stumbled upon a tan Cary that looks AMAZING.

    Both have that classic but not boring look to them and both have short and longer straps so that covers the way I carry my bags. I love pebbled calfskin so both cover that department. I'm the type of person to buy a bag and keep it... FOREVER. They both seem large enough to carry all my stuff without being gigantic - I'm only 5'4".

    Couple of Q's:
    First, I couldn't find a lot of threads here about the Cary, so was wondering if anyone had any insight to the particular style of this one. It looks different than all of the ones I've seen: 2 top zips, or 1 zip with a leather piece that pops up over the zipper. And all of the ones I've seen here are much larger. Not sure if it's ok to add the link here:

    And #2, which would you choose? Not looking at cost or anything... just preference.

  2. Sorry can't answer your first question since I've never seen the Cary.

    I'd definitely choose the paraty though since I think it looks very modern and classy at the same time :smile:
  3. Thanks! I do like the Paraty. It seems like it's a more structured slough, whereas the Cary is just slouchy.
  4. Paraty but im biased because i like mine and ive also never seen a Cary. Paraty looks more stylish to me.
  5. I've never heard of the Cary either. I would choose the Paraty, it's a classic.
  6. Paraty. The shape of the Cary is all wrong.
  7. Thanks!!

    I think I'll definitely be going with the Paraty.
  8. I got her!

    But i wanted to ask Paraty owners - can the leather feel a little stiff? I bought her from a reputable second hand boutique (have bought from same boutique many times for Mulberry) but I'm just a tiny bit disappointed as i thought the leather would be softer and more puddle-y.

    Does chloe leathers take time to break in? This is a 2009 Chloe that was barely used.

    Also any clarification on the tags and serial numbers would be greatly appreciated:

    From what I've read I thought Chloe bags only has 1 leather tab inside with number and "Made In Italy."
    I have 2 tabs on the inside of the zip pocket. 1 with "Made in Italy" in the same leather as the bag, and a second tab (much softer leather that is actually almost spliting) with serial number on one side and a hologram sticker on the other.

    And the serial number on my Paraty isn't in an xx-xx-xx format that everyone reports.

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  9. hi purselover - i would say that the leather is still a little stiff because it was barely used by the previous owner. i think you're quite lucky to have found a secondhand one that is in preserved/almost new condition. judging by the pictures i've seen online of secondhand well-used ones, it does take a little while for the leather to soften up with use. i have a brand new paraty that i've used probably only 15 times so far and it's still stiff and as perfectly new. i'm actually quite pleased it's retaining its shape and not sagging after a couple of uses. how quickly it softens up probably also depends on how the user treats it, (do they handle it gently or treat it roughly?), how they store it, and how much weight they're putting into the bag.

    i'm not sure about those serial numbers but i have seen posts in the past about different serials on paratys from different years, so you may want to have a search?
  10. Thanks allofthebags! I actually used some of my Apple Conditioner and it seemed to help a little bit. I do love her the more I use it. I was just expecting thicker, smooshier calfskin.

    Can I ask if your labels are the same in your inside zip pocket? I did come upon 1 image only somewhere in this forum where the inside tabs were the same - 1 of the same leather as the bag and 1 of a smoother almost lamb like leather tab.
  11. no worries! i can only find 1 label inside my zip pocket. it's in the XX-XX-XX-XX format, and it seems to be made of the same leather used for the bag (not like the smoother leather tab you have pictured)

    enjoy your paraty! :smile: