New to Chloe.....Can someone help me please?


Dec 31, 2007
Hey Ladies,

I am new to Chloe, but not to designer handbags. I use to love Prada bags until their prices kept going up and the quality kept going down....
Anywho, my question is does the rolled handles (straps) on the Chloe bags come apart easily? My main concern is it coming loose and the leather unrolling. Also, do you think it would be easy to have the rolled straps replaced with flat straps? Just thinking....I see there are many styles with this type of strap so maybe this is Chloe's trademark?
I just bought my first Chloe and am concerned too that the straps won't be comfortable after wearing awhile.
Thanks Ladies for all your advice;)
p.s. I think I found my new love in Chloe bags....this could be a problem:woot:


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Jan 20, 2012
Hello Pradagal! I can definitely report that Chloe's rolled handles are solid as a rock, even after years of use. I even have a bad habit in certain situations of unconsciously rolling the edges up on the second protective leather sheath on the handles (don't know why I do that!) but even with that kind of abuse, the handles stay looking perfect. I also carry mine over the shoulder, while wearing winter coats (like now) and have not had any problems whatsoever with leather or seal failure. Quality Chloe!