New to Chanel?

  1. Hi All -

    I am completely new to Chanel... but have enjoyed drooling all over all of your lovelies!

    I do not have anything Chanel (aside from my makeup!) I am trying to decide between a Chanel bag (there are too many to name) and the larger new LV rivetting bag. I really like the Chanel hobo... but also maybe a classic flap (loving the new navy patent!!). I did wait-list for the Baby Cabas so that is not a factor.

    This isn't a "need to have" bag but more a want.

    Any thoughts? Chanel or LV -- I probably am posting here because I already know what I want! :nuts:
  2. Chanel all the way! I used to only buy LV but I sold all but one ... of course I have to be more selective buying Chanel as it is a wee bit pricey :push:
  3. I can totally understand that... I always thought of Chanel as the stuff I remember from the '80s but after going to look... oh my goodness... I see how I could go over to Chanel and never look back!!

    The leather is amazing... and the colors can be so rich!!

    Thank you!
  4. Welcome over to Chanel. Although the LV rivetting bag is very pretty, I think you would be very happy with a new Chanel. Go for the Chanel!!!
  5. Yes, I think your mind is already made up considering you posted this in the Chanel forum!! Yes, Chanel all the way. I am still working out which Chanel bag I want to invest in - they're big $$ so I don't want to rush into a decision. They're so beautiful and classic. And, let's face it, not as "abundant" as LV. I feel that Chanel is more exclusive.

    Good luck!
  6. i say chanel! i love lv but i think i'm done with it for a while. i have my first chanel coming (today!). i was at chanel last night and omg the bags are delicious! the navy patent (reissue?) was divine!
  7. I really like that new Riveting bag!
    But my heart prefers Chanel these days. . . the mongram is over saturated right now to me.
    Look ahead, in 5 or 10 years, which will you see yourself still loving?
  8. I used to be into LV big time. I think I bought my first Chanel bag in 2004 or 2005 (can't remember)....and ever since that first Chanel bag, I found myself moving slowly away from LV.

    Go for the Chanel!!!:yes:
  9. Thanks to all! I think you all are right... now I have to decide what to buy!

  10. welcome! hang around with us long enough and i tell ya, it will be "need to have!" lololol

    good for you being waitlistd for Coco Cabas, maybe your second one could be more of a traditional, like medallion tote or classic flap
  11. (or Grand Shopping Tote aka the GST)) but i do think one of our members just scored last one in the world

    <is a Chanel sadist teehee
  12. Ever since I joined TPF I've found myself slowly adding a little bit from different designers. My entire bag collection, at one point, was only LV.
    I sold off a bunch to add 2 bbags and 2 paddys and now I find myself frequenting this forum.

    I think that if you already have a lot of LV, a Chanel piece would be the perfect way to diversify. I don't even LOOK at new LVs anymore. I think for the most part, my collection of LVs is complete. On to newer things!
  13. ^^Good point!

    It is so funny because I love this forum... it is making me love Chanel even more!
  14. Welcome to Chanel!
  15. I think Chanel is more exclusive than some other designers.
    You can't buy it on the internet, like for instance eLuxury or other online stores.

    And Chanel has some beautiful and classic bags, that will last for years and years to come. :yes: