New to Chanel


Jan 11, 2008
Hi everyone, please help me understand the difference between Chanel 2.55 in lambskin, calfskin and jersey. Which is more durable? Price difference? Sizes available and Colors available.

I have been lusting over the white 2.55 in medium with silver hardware. But i am open to other colors like coral/pink. =)

Which is a better buy? Help!!!

PS: i plan to purchase sometime this year and i want this to be extra special. =):confused1:


May 1, 2006
United Kingdom
Welcome Dopey.
Well leather is always going to be more durable than a jersey (which can bobble quite quickly with minimal wear), and then you have to decide if you like the softer to the touch lambskin leather, or the more durable and bubbly caviar.

The best thing to do is a search on caviar versus lambskin and LOADS of threads will appear, then you can do your research based on this.

Most up to date prices are in the shopping section at the top of the page.