New to chanel

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  2. I am not the expert on here.. there are so many woman with vast collections and such great advice. I just gotmy first chanel last week and it is a GST in black with silver hardwear. I asked many the same question. For me I liked the idea of a tote since I am a stay at home mom of 2. I must warn you the first will not be your last and I already am dying for my next one. I would definitelt go with a classic and I would suggest caviar leather as apposed to lambskin. The caviar tends to be more durable. Another popular choice is the Cert tote or the Medallion tote. These are all part of the classic collection. Whatever you choose good luck and wear it well.
  3. Black caviar jumbo!
  4. DRP,
    What kind of purpose do you want this bag to serve? I think it all depends if you want something you can carry everything in or just enough to tote around everyday. Also, it depends on what you do for a living also. I think the Black Jumbo in Caviar would be great and will last you a while but if you want something more durable or something that carries more, a tote or accordian flap may be the best bet. I personally use my vinyl accordian flap the most. I know it's crazy to spend so much on a vinyl bag but I have to say I use it all the time and I never have to worry because it can take any stain or rain. It's great never to have to worry about the bag and believe me, I am so OCD that I love feeling this way. And as Crisn said, this will not be your last. I bought six in the last 7 months! Beware.....this is an addiction:cursing:! Good luck!

  5. Also, welcome to tPF!
  6. My first (and only) Chanel is a Caviar Jumbo Flap, I have used this bag so much and even though she was a bit expensive she's worth every penny!
  7. GST? jumbo flap?

    Welcome to tpf ^^
  8. Black Caviar or Lambskin Jumbo..
  9. i'd say go for the black med/large caviar classic flap in g/h or GST in s/h! I think they're two great first bag choices. :smile:
  10. Welcome :smile: It depends on your style and actual use for the bag. I would highly recommend something classic IN caviar leather such as:

    medium/jumbo flap
    Medallion Tote

    Good luck w/ your decision. :smile:
  11. everyday use, a caviar wud be ideal. i say got for the black caviar jumbo or medium size
  12. GST or PSt caviar.
  13. Get black caviar with the hardware in whatever colour jewelry you wear more. As for the style; a flap -- it's a classic chanel piece.

    If your a tote kind of gal get a medallion or gst/pst.

    You can do a search to learn more about these bags. How much they can fit, how much they cost, if people find the heavy, and everything in between.

  14. I am new to Chanel as well. I have a small chanel flap that I use for evenings and a GST in black caviar with gold hardware I use for day. I think a cross body bag would be nice, but I'm not sure if the Jumbo flap can be worn that way?
  15. Some people do wear it this way however I personally feel and I know alot of other people who agree that the proportions when wearing it across the body look a little strange.

    Perhaps you might like a WOC. It is small but holds just about everything since the wallet in build right in and ti can be worn across the body.