New to Chanel

  1. Hi Chanel girls!!

    I'm rather new with Chanel but I want to educate myself. I've been researching Louis Vuitton for the past few months and decided that it's just too popular [common] for my taste. I don't live in an area that sells Chanel, and God knows their official website is no help, so I must either call their number to order something or buy when I travel (of which I do a lot!). I want something classy that will last forever!

    I'd like to know what would be a good starter bag/accessory. I am 15 1/2 years old, and really can't afford anything over $700-$800 at this point. I realize most of Chanel bags are over the $1000 range, but I have seen a few, like the camera bag(?) that i like. Accessories are definitely open in my book is jewelry.

    Like I said, I want to become familiar and educated with this brand.

    Your help is appreciated.

    ~Miss Juicy Couture~
  2. Okay, here is my humble opinion on the topic. It might not be too popular though. Since you are only 15, I would recommend you start with lower end bags and build your way up. For example, juicy and coach, some burberry, etc. After collecting and enjoying these bags, go for the bigger ones, like the Chanel you want. This only works if you don't have these bags already. It is so great to build up to that Chanel bag or the birken! Good luck and have fun shopping!!