New to Chanel.

  1. I'm on the hunt for a "Poppy" colored purse. Normally I'm a Chloe girl but I'm not happy with what Chloe has to offer in this particular color. At my Saks in St. Louis this week I saw a Chanel bag that made my eyes pop. I'll try my best to describe it so bear with me.

    It was a new purse (I thought the SA said that), orange red, a recatangular bucket that folded over at the top (just adorable) and then the classic, leather chain handle. Oh there was a CC gold clasp to secure the fold. The only thing I didn't like was the size, a tad on the smallish side. The bag retails for 2400 dollars. Do you guys have a name? Any help on other locals to purchase this purse? They never go on sale right?

    The leather was buttery soft and delicate. I felt I could tear it with my finger nail. For the money that makes me somewhat nervous. Does squishy Chanel's hold up?

    Sorry I'm such a newbie with Chanel. Thank you for your help in advance.:rolleyes:
  2. I am not sure, but bumping ya. Did you look in the reference library to see if someone owned it?

  3. It's hard without a picture, but could it be the Ultimate Soft? Here are some pics of it:

    Hope you find it!
  4. Nope it's not any of these..The bag was "ultimately soft"; that's for sure. Plus I know where I can get one right now. I was just curious if anyone else has seen it or if the Chanel store is your 'only option' for a new Fall piece.

    Again the purse is like a brown paper bag, soft and you can fold the top over (both sides), like rolling the top of a paper bag, not a regular flap purse. That's what made this item so unique and then wham, you have the bold CC buckle to snap it shut with the signature chain handle.

    Ah, if I only had 2400 dollars.