New to Chanel

  1. Looks fake to me...ANYONE?
  2. yeah that one is fake.

    its still a current season though, i think its around $700ish CDN.
  3. Hi Vanessa_Karie and welcome! The wallet you posted is fake so I'd stay away. It is the Cambon line and you can very definately find the real deal in the Chanel boutique's....that's what I'd do. Wait and purchase a real won't regret it!
  4. it's fake... it's good to invest in a new one at the boutique. then you get added to their mailing list and get even more info on chanels :smile:
  5. Definitely a fake, everything about it is wrong. Dustbag, cards, cc logos, interior label and lining to name a few.

    BTW, welcome to PB!
  6. Do you know how much in US ?
  7. THANK YOU for your replies guys!

    phew, good job i stayed away and thought tat it is a fake myself..i mean u can jus never be too sure!!

    anyway, i think im gona get it from the chanel store after exams! as a treat for finishing all those nasty exams!!

    Thanks again guys.. =)