New to Chanel!!!

  1. So I am pretty new to the forums and definately new to chanel. I have about $1500 to spend and am thinking about chanel tote type ag. It has to go on my shoulder(so I can use it when I have my daughter) i would prefer black and I would like it to have the infamous C's on it

    Now I have seen the coco cabos and the cambon...

    however I am wondering how comfy are the chain straps and I KNOW I have seen a tote here with chain straps but has leather where the shoulder is:shrugs:

    Any thoughts on what I should buy?

    I have a chanel boutique as well as NM and Saks
  2. i love my gst-it is a bit more- do you already have a Saks card? you get 10% off
  3. i think the tote with leather on your shoulders is either the GST or PST (grande/petite shopping tote). It's a classic and i think fits the description of what you're looking for. Has a big CC logo in the middle.
  4. I think either a PST and GST would be perfect for u!!
  5. A GST is a wonderful 1st!
  6. I love the cabas but only if you have a lot of stuff to carry! haha
  7. Thanks ladies... what about the cambon are those limited whereas if I went into the store they aren't available?
  8. I am going to the boutique on thursday to pick up my earrings soo I will defiantely be trying on some bags!
  9. ^^^^^^

    Hope you find some goodies.
  10. GST / PST are perfect for a day out with your daughter!
  11. Gst!!
  12. I am pretty excited!!!