*New* to CHANEL...Silly to worry....??

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  1. I was wondering since Chanel is always coming out with new bags, etc. Is it silly to worry that my bag (baby cabas: which I should be getting soon, and I'm hoping I like, and praying works out..) will be "out" soon? '

    I find myself thinking..."Why even purchase it..?" If it'll be "out" soon, and other bags will be coming out and make this bag look like a old style or something...I don't know...:shrugs: Btw,I tried to "like" some other more classic styles: Medallion Tote, GST, flap, reissue...but the baby cabas style seems more casual (as am I) and I love the slouchy look. I'd hope to wear it for many years. :confused1:

    Then I try to see the other side of it...."Hmm, when they stop selling the baby cabas and people can't get one, (like say the Cerise Speedy) I notice alot of people are still trying to get from ebay etc. I'll be happy I have the baby cabas." It's just that this'll be my 1st Chanel, and I don't want to be walking around w/ my baby cabas in 2-3 yrs. from now and looking dumb because it's old or something. :Push: Ugh...

    Then I read tons of threads saying...anything Chanel is classic, etc. and will always be "in" for the fact that it's Chanel, and it's timeless, etc. Also how some people even like to hunt around for "Vintage Chanel" pieces.

    I guess maybe I just need some reassurance from some hard-core Chanel PFers?? LOL!! :smile:
  2. I never worry about what's in and what's out. If you love a bag. You need to wear the bag. As long as you're happy with it, that's all that should matter.
  3. Chanel has very few leather pieces that I think will be 'out' anytime soon.
    I think that the vast majority is classic and won't be out for a very long time.
    I love that they're always introducing new pieces and collections. Because of this they make only a small amount of the pieces that aren't in their 'Classic' line, so they're more novelty/harder to get thus becoming more 'in' IMO.

    Erika's right on though, wear what you love!

    {and rest assured if it's Chanel, we'll all love it too! LOL!}
  4. LVCRAZED if you're having doubts about the bag, I would return it. That bag is too expensive to just be OK with it. You shouldn't even have to worry about whether or not it's going to be in. Although if you ever get tired of it you could probably sell it and get most of your money back. Are you able to go to the boutique and see what may catch your eye?
  5. I think you need to wait until you get the bag and then make your decision. If you are not feeling it in the first week and it sits with the tags on then exchange it for something else. I think we have all experienced loving a bag on others but not being able to love it for ourselves.
  6. Actually dhs gonna swing by and pick it up for me tomorrow or Fri. I went to the boutique this past wkend to see what else I may see/like. Nothing really popped out at me. I guess I won't know for sure how I feel until I get to see it IRL and try it on.

    Ya, If I don't love it then I will definitely return it. I thought of just not buying it, but then I'm left with the idea of never knowing if it would've worked for me. (???) Sooooo...I figured what the heck..I should give it a try. If it doesn't work, then it doesn't work. I'll return it and officially, call it quits for awhile. :rolleyes: LOL!!

  7. Good Job LVCRAZED! I think that's the best decision for ya!
  8. I try to buy bags that I will have forever. If I worried about what was "in" or "out" all the time, I think I'd drive my crazy (LOL or crazier than I already am).

    I like Chanel because their lines are so timeless. I say if it looks good on you and works for you, it's a good purchase!
  9. I totally understand how you feel! I like timeless bags and I do think about it but mostly it is because for the moment I do not have millions so I carefully invest my thousands...LOL
  11. ITA, LOL Well said! :yes:
  12. Don't force the Chanel LVCRAZED. It's obvious that now is not the time. You don't NEED a black in your collection. Especially if youre not going to use it. Just give it some time. The bag will come to you.
  13. Aww, Thx Elongreach! I really needed that. :yes: Really, those few words helped reassure me A LOT!!!!!!!

  14. I agree w/ Erika.

    You can't help what you love!
    Try Chanel again in the Spring, maybe there will be a bag you adore and can't live without! but don't try and force anything, you'll KNOW it when you try it on if it's right!
  15. Thx Swanky!!!!;) Ya, perhaps down the line there may be something for me. I do feel a sense of relief though... :yes: Phew..