New to Chanel, pls help

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  1. Hey girls!
    I think I'm falling for that classic look of the Chanels. I have two silly questions:
    With the classic flap bag( the 2.55), are the shoulder straps comfortable for long wear? With the metal chain I just don't know how that feels like compared to traditional all leather straps.
    And, can you buy Chanel bags online anywhere and do they ever go on sale?
  2. I can answer some of your questions :P

    You can buy chanel bags online, but only through consignment-type shops. The actual Chanel store doesn't sell online.

    They do go on sale, but classic flap bag (or any classic bag for that matter) are probably never going to go on sale.
  3. Well, for me at least, the metal chain is not as quite as comfortable as soft and squishy all leather straps. However, I never have a slipping problem with these handles, and that more than makes up for it. I just try not carry too many things to weigh it down.

    Chanel bags are not "officially" retailed anywhere online although is a well-known online outlet, and I don't believe classic flaps ever go on sale.
  4. I know you can buy Chanel Bags online at, I know Chanel has sales but I don't think the classic bags go on sale. ( I wish they would) Right now I am looking into finding a Chanel outlet if one even exists in France. I will let you know.
  5. Hmmh, I may be wrong, but as far as I´m concerned, Chanel has the same policy as LV: no selling of slightly defective or old items in outlets, so I guess they just have none.

    But if you do find one, please let us know !
  6. I dont think there is an outlet for chanel. I have the classic flap and I find the chain strap comfortable. It is in small pieces so it really "blends"/adapt to the shape of your shoulders so unless you carry supper heavy things, you wont find it digging your flesh. =)
    Sales are mostly on seasonal items, in unpopular colors and never classic flaps..
    Hope that helps.
  7. There actually is an outlet for Chanel. :yahoo:

    There is only one Chanel Outlet in the US. I am not sure if there are any in Europe.

    It is located at the Woodbury Commons PremiumOutlet in Harriman, NY (LOCATED 55 MINUTES NORTH OF NYC). Here is the phone number for the store, in case any of you want to call and see what they have on sale.

    Chanel (845) 928-1550

    Hope this helps!
  8. I have 2 flap bags, and the chain straps really do seem to stay put on my shoulder. I never carried a shoulder bag because of that...nothing would ever stay up there, LOL.

    I don't put a lot in my flaps, so they are not heavy and the chain straps do not bother me at all.
  9. Thanks for all the information girls! That's really helpful!
  10. Yes! It's very light and comfortable! If you're talking about the Medium Classic Flap! :biggrin: You can only buy Chanel bags through dept stores and boutiqes because Chanel don't have any online shopping website. Not unless you wanted to purchase it over ebay. And for the sale, YES! The do go on sale and they are on sale right now! :biggrin:
  11. Rica, are the HK stores on sale now? I am in HK too:P
  12. I believe Chanel in Hong Kong doesn't go on sale...

    Back to the topic, Yes, Medium Classic Flaps or even the Jumbos? don't go on sale. They are sooo in demand and I believe it never goes out of style. That's why they don't go on sale.
  13. Classic bags never go on sale, and there has been a few price increases on Chanel bags also.
    You could try finding a bag on ebay - you can always find authentic bags selling for much less, although they tend to be pre-owned. however, be careful, because there are heaps of fake bags out there also. try to post up items that you are interested in on "authenticate this chanel" thread - the ladies there are really helpful and are very knowledgeable.
    good luck!! :smile:
  14. I didn't know this. THanks!! :tup:
  15. yup! It's pretty cool that there's an outlet; unfortunately, they don't do charge sends, but they will tell you over the phone what they have in the store!