new to chanel... please let me know what bag is it?

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  1. Hi.. basically im from LV forum and i'm very very new to chanel, never purchase a chanel bag before, but really admire chanel flapbag 2.55 so much, i hope that i can buy 1 someday..

    btw, i have a question, i found this picture in internet, but have no idea wat bag is this? is this a cambon bowling bag? does it come with small/medium/large size like flapbag? anyone know the measurement? TIA.. really hope can join the chanel comittee soon or later

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  2. anyone??
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    Yes, that's the cambon bowler. I believe the beige/black combination you pictured has been discontinued. They do have beige/beige.

    There are many different STYLES that come from the cambon line, including the bowler you listed, the reporter style, messenger style, tote style, etc.

    Looking up the bowler style you pictured on eBay, the dimensions I pulled up were approx 11" x 6" x 4", and 10" strap drop.