New to Chanel...need some help from the experts.

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  1. Hello Chanel Experts,

    I'm new to purchasing Chanel as I've always been a Bal girl but have recently been looking to purchasing my first Chanel. I've been looking at a gray Reissue 226 or gray Classic Jumbo Flap but I was concerned about how it will hold up.

    Will the gray yellow over time? I see people talk about how the have Chanel bags 50 years old and I would like this. Would the gray last this long or is it just black? It seems to be a medium gray not too light.

    What about the hardware? Does it change color over time? Tarnish I guess?

    Is this a type of piece a newbie to Chanel invests in? Should I be looking at something else? Is there something more timeless? I like the bigger bags for sure.

    Thanks for the advice.
  2. I don't have any bags that are 50 years old, but I do have a series 1 vintage in white and my first 2.55 "reissue" in gray was from 2005. I love the gray as it goes with more than black, works in any season, is carefree with the distressed leather, and the ruthenium hardware is fab because you'd not even notice if you had any "tarnish" as it already is made to look distressed. I'd suggest if you are looking for true timeless to go with the reissue. It's lasted nearly 60 years now (first made in 1955) and is still going strong. It's also lighter to carry than the jumbo but holds about the same. Mine are 226 size as well. I love my reissues and they are easily my best "go to" Chanel bags.
  3. Thanks for your help. I went with the reissue, which I was leaning towards. I really like the style and color. Can't wait to get it. Thanks again!
  4. You are most welcome; can't wait to see your reveal!

  5. Slightly off topic but how has your series 1 white vintage held up? I want to get a beige or white flap but I've seen some yellowing of the thread. Did this happen for yours?

    Thanks tutu!