New to Chanel/Have you ever seen this style?

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  1. Have you ever seen a bag in this style by Chanel? I posted in authenticate this Chanel also......
    chanel.jpg chanel2.jpg
  2. Anybody??? Please!!!
  3. Ladies, please anybody?
  4. hi alya this unfortunately looks like a super duper counterfeit / knockoff Chanel. If you like this you will love the look of genuine Chanels (better quality, style);).
  5. I do not like to buy fakes.That's why I posted to make sure! Thank you goingindebt.
  6. No problem, there are tons of deals to be had out there on pre-loved and brand new bags, i'm sure you'll find something to love!
  7. Alya, I've seen this before but I'm not sure if it was a fake. You know that show on MTV "Sweet 16" about spoiled 16 year olds and their birthday parties? One of the guys (yes a guy) was carrying this Chanel backpack thing. It looks like it might be part of the Cambon line if it is indeed real.
  8. I'm not aware Cambon came out w/ this specific styles. Besides, don't assume that because a show is on tv involving rich people means that they are using authentic designer bags. Just my $ .02.
  9. CHANEL never made anything like this.
  10. ^^That's what I thought. First time Cambon ligne came out, I went to the boutique and my SA Yuko showed me all styles it came in; never remembered seeing this one.
  11. Who is assume it's real because it was on a show involving rich people? :shrugs: I think I stated at least twice I was unclear on its authenticity.

    Sorry, OP, looks like one of our resident experts, Smoothoprter, thinks the bag is a fake.
  12. ITA:yes: ... besides the design, there are so many things wrong with it!
  13. i honestly dont know if it did, i see the back part a lil weird, cant you get the id number of this bag somehow and post it here so it can be confirmed.
    never seen a bag like though.
  14. Like Mon said, this style was never made. The fake zipper pull on the backside of the bag is commonly used on fake bags.

    Closing this, since the OP also posted this in the Authenticate This thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.