New to Chanel... have a question! :)

  1. Hello! I have just been browsing in the Chanel forum and have loved seeing all of the great styles!! I am thinking of purchasing my first Chanel sometime this spring/summer... but I have some questions about styles that I can't seem to figure out.:shrugs:

    Is there any kind of reference site/area like ateliernaff site for balenciaga? I saw a shopping tote or grand shopping tote in person, which was what really peaked my interest in Chanel. I can't seem to find anything to compare styles next to each other, etc. For the shopping tote, what sizes does it come in, what are the prices for the sizes??

    Oh... I know this is going to come back to haunt me... but what is the difference between cavier & lambskin? I apologize, I know you're probably shaking your head right now. :shame:

    Sorry! I know these are silly questions, but I am sooo far behind the power curve here. I've been browsing the shopping area, the "your Chanel in action", "what's inside" thread, etc... but I can't seem to compile the information I'm looking for, to be able to compare styles and see what is available?? TIA!!
  2. You can always check out as a very weak point of reference....they don't show everything and the website is not the easiest to navigate.

    Lambskin leather is extremely soft like butter, it scratches easy. Caviar leather is pebbly and extremely durable.
  3. LOL... thank you... I read your response going "AHHH"... I get it... I knew of the different grades of calfskin/lambskin, and the leather on the totes I've seen has been gorgeous, but I wasn't sure if the caviar title was meant to seperate a different grade or "era" etc... and in some cases it almost looked a little "patent-y". (Please don't shoot me. :push: ) I couldn't really get a feel for texture in pictures.

    I was hoping that there would be some magical website to compare styles and sizes, but since that isn't the case - into the trenches for me!! I am planning on going to the Chanel boutique in Saks & NM this week, but I figured I would ask the really dumb questions now, where hopefully you all would be more forgiving then the SA.... :shame:

    Thank you for the reply!
  4. hi bags4bubbles--everyone here is lovely. no need to apologize for your questions.:flowers:
    i am very new to chanel. i can't even answer most of your questions, so you are helping others out too!
    i read many a thread, scoured the ref library and then was lucky enough to get kind SAs when i went to chanel to hunt around.
    seeing is believing and get to the boutique and ask tons of questions and try things on IRL and i think more of your answers will come.
    remember to enjoy the experience too, though!:yahoo:
  5. I know there are some pictures of shopping totes in the reference library section, but I don't own one so I don't know about price or sizes - well I have some general idea about price and sizes, but someone who owns one would be much more help.:shame:
  6. Thank you for the responses ladies!! :smile:

    They have made me feel better about still "learning", and now I have a bit of confidence to take with me to the store... I'm going to go through all of the reference threads again, to try to compare as much as possible.

    I haven't quite come to a verdict whether the flap bags are for me yet, but I did fall in love with this tote the first time I saw it. I'm sure, the addiction grows after you have the first one... :graucho:

    Here's hoping I can find a SA that is willing to answer questions as well!
  7. i would also start a thread in the shopping section asking for an SA others can recommend in Michigan! good luck and have fun!