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  1. Hello everyone, I have been lurking on TPF for a while but this is my first ever post. I just bought two chanel bags, black matte reissue 227 shw and m/l black caviar ghw. I bought them before the price increase...:biggrin:

    I am thinking about returning the caviar due to the issue of "glued leather strap" that has been discussed here. I am particularly concerned about a piece of leather peeling off. I already see some loose pieces of leather.....really disappointed with the quality. It seems that a strap in a larger classic flap is stitched, rather than glued. Any truth to that?

    Did I make the right choice returning the caviar bag? BTW, I am keeping the reissue....loving gorgy. I plan to return it on Thurs so if anyone is after a particular bag....PM me.

    I enjoy the weath of information on TPF. Bag reveal to follow soon....:nuts:
  2. Wow, U made right choice if this thinks happened with UR bag! Hope see UR reveal soon :smile:
  3. can you show us pics?

    btw, why not exchange to a better condition m/l? you have great 2 classic-firsts -- reissue + classic -- best of both worlds!
  4. Purse-nality.....I do not have a camera atm but this is the thread that got me thinking

    Although mine is not that bad but I could see that happen in the future. Re: exchange for a better one, I am just afraid that it would still bother me since the leather is still glued together and not stitched.
  5. ^i c... anyhow, when you go back to the store, you could request your SA to bring out a number of m/l's and check the straps. maybe, just maybe, they might have at least 1 brand-new piece that has the leather sewn together thru the chains...

    regardless, i think you're making the right decision. for such a price tag, you should be 101% happy... return is best.
  6. whats WOC?
  7. WOC = Wallet On a Chain