New to Chanel and need info about this bag -

  1. I like the tote, I believe it is the medium size? I like the black and white and the black and pink in the picture link below. I am not sure what you call this line or the leather. Can someone help me with the name and also tell me the price of the bags in pink-ba2bi's picture link below (sorry to use your picture, if its not okay please let me know but its the best example I can find! ). Any place online to either buy these bags or look at the different options? Sorry for my ignorance! Thanks!
  2. The 2 on the sides are from the Cambon LIgne - the pink went on Sale and is discontinued, black is still available in my area.
    The one in the middle is the Medallion Tote.
    There's no authorized Chanel sales online.
  3. Thank you. So does discontinued mean it is not in the stores anymore? Any way to find one? Also can you give me any sort of price range? Thank you!
  4. The center one, the Medallion tote is $1650, I saw a pink one and a black one at my NM today.
    I never bought from the Cambon line. . . someone else can tell you the pricing or you can do a search.
  5. The Cambon totes are generally $1100 for the smallest size (IMO, it's way too tiny), $1250 for the medium (I have the pink/black one), and $1450 for the largest one (I have the black/white one).
    They still have most all of the Cambon pieces at the stores and in Neiman's Chanel departments. You might have to have a certain piece ordered, especially in the pink/black combo and the beige/black combo since they're phasing those colors out.
  6. those colors are discontinued (pink/black, beige/black), but some are lurking somewhere
  7. Current prices for the cambon totes are

    small tote - 1095
    md.tote - 1275
    lg.tote - 1495

    You can browse through this forum to look for different buying options. There's a variety of Chanel totes that our ladies have gotten
  8. If you're looking for a cambon tote, I would call Chanel, Saks, or NM and they can track a black/white one down for you. Pink/Black and Beige/Black are discontinued. The only option is Ebay for those.