New to Chanel and lovin' it! (pics)....

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  1. Today I added three new lovelies to my new Chanel collection....Just had to share! I started with the Timeless clutch in black patent and a White J12. Today at the Saks triple points event, I added the White GST, a black and white flap (don't know the name), and Camilla wedges to my "starter collection". Wow, I am hooked! But...this is going to have to hold me until the Fall!!

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  2. Wow, you've started well! Great purchases:tup:
  3. wooowww i love em
  4. I don't know the name of that black flap, either-- can anyone identify it for me? I would love one... :drool:

    These are beautiful purchases, LVD, health to enjoy!
  5. Great buys! Congratulations.
  6. Nice! You need to change your name to ChanelDevotee!
  7. wow, nice! congrats!
  8. Wow! Thats a great start! Keep it going... enjoy!
  9. wow, beautiful!!!
    I especially love that black/white flap, can I ask how much it is?? :smile:
  10. Beautiful! I especially :heart: the shoes! AHHH!!!
  11. I spy a J12!!! Did you get the J12 today too???
  12. lovely:yes:
  13. congrats... all great lovely purchases !!!

  14. It was US $ 1925. :smile:
  15. Gorgeous stuff ! Love the Camellia wedges !!