new to chanel! 2 new bags!!

  1. hey guys!

    i am new to chanel and to this forum! for 2008, i kicked off the year with 2 new bags!! :yahoo: the ladybraid flap in black and in purple! now i feel guilty about getting both (so similar!) do you guys know chanel's return policy at Nordstrom?

    i want to take back the black one. i wore it once already!
  2. If you wore it even once and there is nothing wrong with it, then you can't return it. Did you use the purple? If not, maybe you could return it instead. The black lady braid is a great bag and will be in style for longer than purple. In either case, you could also sell the one you don't want on eBay.
  3. I would keep the black if I were you. Much more versatile.
  4. ummm . . . not really ethical to return a used handbag:nogood:
  5. Unfortunately it seems the department stores are much more forgiving than the boutiques when it comes to returns. I have heard horror stories about receiving bags in the mail with items in the zippered pockets, etc. I dont think its right to return a used bag either but I know a lot of people do.
  6. Yes, don't return it to the store because that would be unfair to the person who might buy that bag next. If you only want to keep one ... sell one on eBay or something ... or keep them both.:yes: Even though they are the same style ... the two colours are different enough to justify it!
  7. U can sell the black one on eBay and buy the purple braided bag once u have the funds....GL~
  8. Nordstrom does have a very lenient return policy and will take back a used bag with no questions asked... though as others stated it is neither ethical nor fair to the next buyer. Besides, I agree that black is going to be timeless and much more versatile than purple. Black has more longevity. If you have to return one, I'd go with the purple.