New to celine


Apr 4, 2011
Dear ladies, need some help here. I am new to Celine... I saw some bags in my local stores and the sa was telling me that there are five sizes and the ones I was looking at were the mini and micro. To me the mini is big ;) are those the Celine luggage?

I wanted a long strap. He was trying me that the size smaller than micro has a strap. Is it true?

I saw the single tone ones with with SHW or GHW but I saw mixed tones on the web. Are the mixed tones more difficult to get than the single tone? He was also telling me about the different skin.



Jan 2, 2007
Hi there,

There are some excellent threads in the reference library that will help you. Here is a link to the thread for the sizing information for you for instance

The Nano is the smallest size and is the only one that comes with a detachable shoulder strap but they do a Shoulder luggage bag with longer straps that can be worn on the shoulder.

Yes there are tri colour luggages which are more expensive than the single colour bags, I wouldn't say that they are any harder to get than the others it just depends on what is popular for a particular season. Hope this helps, do check out the reference section for lots of pics!