New to Celine - Question to the trapeze sizes

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  1. Dear lovely memebers,

    I am normally a LV person, but I found an amazing deal online. The only thing, which bugs me is the size of the trapeze. I thought it would be best, if I ask the quetstion here.

    The bag has a shoulder strap, hence through my research I would assume it a smaller version of the trapeze. The seller on the other hand stated that the bag is the larger version. I am really confused now.

    If you look at the bag, would you say, that the bag is the large model or the small model?

    Thank you for your help!
  2. IMO, the Small/Medium has strap while the Large do not have strap. Your bag looks like a large. Not sure why you would buy a bag with three photos. Not saying it is a Fake!
  3. Dear Unoma,

    thank you for your response, generally the platform is a well recognized one in france, because before sending the bag off, they will check on the authenticity and write me a certificate. Hence I believe the bag is fine. Can you probably tell me, why your feeling reveal, that the bag is fake, because I can write the platform and it might help me to return the bag.

    I really appreciate your thoughts!
  4. I apologise for the late reply, i just saw your message now. I never said the bag was a fake. If you have any doubt, you can post it here and the authenticators will assist you.

    Or you can use a third party authenticator.