New to Celine...Advice for 1st Purchase??

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  1. Hi everyone! :wave: So I'm new to literally discovered it within the past 24 hours. Haha (where have i been right?) I've been doing tons of research online and on tPF (thank you all btw ;)) and I have completely fallen IN LOVE with all Celine handbags!! I'm going to Paris and Italy this November and intend to buy a Celine bag while I'm there (yay!). I'm looking to buy a black, mini luggage or an all black trapeze. So.....that leads me to my questions and request for advice:

    1.) What are my chances of finding one of these bags in Paris? I hear the demand is pretty high.

    2.) Does anyone have the most current prices on the two bags?

    3.) Where should I buy? Paris or Italy? I will be in Venice, Florence and Rome during my trip...

    4.) What are everyone suggestions/recommendation between the mini luggage and the trapeze? I'm stuck between the 2...

    Any other tips/suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!!! Thanks so much:tender:
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    My sister in law was in Paris in July and no mini there. I was in Rome in June and Celine boutique in Via Condotti was well stocked so I ended up with mini in navy blue. Maybe you should be there early in the morning. The current price for mini is 1600 euros, and the VAT refund is 205 euros. I am not familiar with trapeze but i think that small size is about 1400 euros.

    here is the picture just for you:smile:


    Good Luck:tup::wave:
  3. Eli84...Thank you!!!! :smile:
  4. you are welcome, hope it helps and good luck on your bag hunt
  5. I think the mini is a great choice for your first Celine. I love my mini luggage. One of my fav Celine's by far. The phantom is prob my MOST favorite. Have u considered that? Not sure about your chances in Paris or Rome. I have a SA @ Bergdorff that has shipped my my last two Celine's. Much easier to call up than to hunt around. The prices for the mini range from $2400-$4000 depending on what skin you get. Not sure about prices for Trapeze prices. The one I just revealed was $2300.
  6. Thank you! And your bag is gorgeous!!! I did look at the phantom but I don't like that it doesn't have a zip top. I may try to find my Celine in the US if I don't get one in Europe...I was just hoping to get a little better deal by buying it from the source ;) thanks again for the tips d feedback! :smile: