New to burberry. want to buy quilted jacket and need advice

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  1. Hi, I am usually in the louis vuitton section. I recently feel in love with a burberry quilted jacket ($395). I saw them on sale in NM stores and would like to know what's the lowest price they go for. any (USA) promo code available other then the "welcome" free shipping code ? Please advice.
  2. I read a tpfer say at the outlets they can get it for $100, and another tpfer said last year they got it for 65% off.
  3. thanks for the info. Outlet does not ship, so can't get it from there. 65% off is great great price. But I saw last week in neiman marcus for $236. I wish I got it then.
  4. $236 at NM is a very decent price. I live near a Burberry Outlet and I have never seen them for $100 ... always around $300 when I go, and I go pretty often too!
  5. had some limited ones for only $147.74. I missed the sale ! so sad
  6. Be careful at the outlets. I actually had a Burberry SA tell me that they manufacturer different quilted jackets for the outlets. I stick to online or boutique only. Or possibly SAKS sales or Nordstrom's. I don't do the outlets though. I bought my quilted jacket at the store when it was sale online - they matched the price.
  7. May I ask how much you paid ?
  8. I ordered the Constance quilted jacket from the Burberry site for $295.00 a few weeks ago. I love it! But I have seen Nordstrom and Saks have them for cheaper... Nordies has great CS, I am sure they would price match if you saw it cheaper elsewhere.