New to Bottega Veneta

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  1. I bought my first BV -- a magnolia Campana -- last week. It is beautiful, soft, supple, and generally yummy. Now, thanks in part to this forum, I have an ever growing wishlist of what I want. I'm torn between a Ball in hazlenut or another Campana in either hazlenut or white. Would it be bad of me to get another in such a short period of time? How does everyone else keep up the willpower?
  2. Welcome! :flowers:

    Oooh, you lucky girl! I've been on the forum for months now and am still, BARELY, holding out for my first BV (will be in Italy in July). :sweatdrop:

    My will power comes from enabling all of you to buy more so I can, therefore, live vicariously through you! ;) ....need I say more? :graucho:

    I'd go with the hazelnut Ball (if you've tried it and love it), nice contrast to your spring/summery magnolia Campana.

    BTW, please post pics of your magnolia Campana...what a gorgeous bag, excellent choice!!
  3. Congratulations and welcome!! Yes, please show us your new Campana, one of my favorite styles! Of course it's alright to buy more, if you have the funds....or not....(just kidding. :whistle: ) We are a bunch of little enablers though!:graucho:
  4. Welcome! I have no will power. I maxed out on BV accessories shortly after my first Veneta purchase. Now i'm trying to decide what my next bag will be too.

    PLEASE post a photo of your bag (and it's contents) in the What's IN your Bottega Veneta thread!!! :flowers:
  5. I have the Campagna in black croc. It is one of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen.
    Congrats to you on your wonderful acquisition.
    May it be the first of many!
  6. Welcome! Great choice for your first BV. I'd love to see pics, too.
  7. Congrats on your awesome bag!
  8. Whoa! What?? A Campana in a black croc?:nuts: I've seen one!
  9. ^^^Er, that's I've NEVER seen one!
  10. Congrats on your 1st BV, please post pics. =)
    If your budget allows, I don't think it's bad to get another BV. =)
  11. Welcome bprimuslevy and congrats on your Campana!

    Ladies, where are your BV in Action pics??
  12. Congrats on your gorgeous first bag, I saw it IRL in the BV boutique in NY and was :drool: :drool: over it! I would say maybe the ball bag for your next? As a complement to this beauty . . . but it is so hard to choose when they are all gorgeous. Enjoy toting that new baby around!
  13. Welcome! Enjoy your beautiful new BV Campana. I have one in Ebano and it might be my favorite bag.

    There's nothing wrong with getting the same style in a different color if the style really works for you. Have you tried the Ball bag on for comfort? I haven't so I don't know how it would suit me.

    I hope you can post pics of your bag--we never, ever get tired of admiring each others' bags!
  14. I am jealous as I love the Campana. I really don't have the money or I would have gotten one months ago. If I was able, I have a wish-list a mile long that I would get in a heartbeat. Since joining tPF I have bought 2 lower priced items just to tide myself over. If you can, go for it!
  15. I will post pics as soon as I can. The family is taking a trip this weekend so I probably will not be able to post anything until Monday.

    I have tried the Ball several times with all my stuff in it. It's perfect. I'm trying to hold off another week before getting it (don't want my first baby to get jealous). I'm also hoping one in the color I want will become available on BlueFly. I know I can't wait too long because, according to one of the other threads I read, there is the possibility of a price increase coming in June.

    BTW, boxermom I am so jealous of your collection. I want, I want, I want.