New to Bottega...advice please...

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  1. So, I usually post to Hermes...but I am sick of how heavy the bags are. I have been, a couple of times, to the Bottega boutique. I love big bags...and of course, I have fallen for a cabat. Anyone have any advise? I know enough to stay away from eBay, I've been told it's too easy to fake this particular bag. I want to really think this through, it's too much money not to. I would appreciate any thoughts, Thanks.
  2. Well first of all welcome to the BV subforum and I have to tell you that I love your avatar (former golden mom myself). While I don't have a cabat myselt, I can state that BV bags are incredibly light which is one of the reasons that I love them so. Hopefully someone will pipe in about the cabat. Neiman's and Saks carry BV as well as the boutiques of course.
  3. Hello and welcome! I do remember seeing you post in the H forum :smile:. I own a cabat myself and the bag is very well made and quite easy to tote around. I think the price is well justified after seeing the woven details of this handbag and how much time/work is involved in producing each and everyone of them. I completely understand the frustration of carrying a Birkin around sometimes coz it's just SO heavy but BVs on the other hand are light and durable.
  4. Welcome golden's mom! If you check out the action thread, you will see Porchegirl's cabat in action with everything in it's own BV case to keep organized. So far that's my favorite pic of how to use a cabat as an everyday bag. Oh, and the leather is luscious and lightweight; my BV's are the only bags I find myself petting because the leather is so soft! Good luck and happy shopping at BV!
  5. the cabat is wonderful. in addition to lightweight and the craftsmanship it looks great regardless how much you put in it. it is soft and gets softer with use. carry a little and it is all slouchy and wonderful. carry alot and it takes a more tote shape. i also like to keep things organized with the smaller bv accessories. enjoy.
  6. Hi, I'm new to Bottega as well. I know what you mean-with all the stuff I lug around, my Birkin weighs a tonne (like all my other bags from Hermes). I switched to balenciaga for that reason and have now discovered BOTTEGA!!! I bought the Roma as my first purchase followed by a messenger bag (2 weeks later) that has adjustable straps so it can be coverted to a shoulder bag. Have told SA to hold the medium cabat in Orange and I also want to buy the Campana. I think I'm going crazy...:drool:
  7. Welcome to BV! you are not going crazy-we wouldnt be here if we werent passionate about BVs. Like Hermes, BV has one of the best craftsmanship that I have ever seen in bags. The leather is made out of the best of the best. The cabat, for instance, is entirely hand woven. It takes 2 craftsmen 2 days of work to make the cabat; it is a very delicate piece. On top of that, most of their bags are easy to carry either on the shoulder or hanging off of your arms. And you can go an entire day shopping without feeling tired. Many of us dicussed on how we like to pet our bags because of the feel of the leather. You can never go wrong with BVs :yes:
  8. I love how BV feels. I don't have a BV bag, but I had a BV wallet and I would often find myself just stroking it lightly because the material felt so good to me.

    I am curious though..what is the general price range of the bags. I have never actually looked at the prices of the bags when I am in the stores browsing.
  9. The price can vary widely but expect to pay over $1000 no matter what. They also have one annual price increase usually in July.

    I LOVE my BVs. I have two, and for me it was a big expense but will be worth as I feel the bags will last forever and never go out of style.

    The softness, the attention to detail, the LIGHTNESS, and most of all the comfort, are what made me fall for this brand. I love LV too but sometimes it's neat to carry a beautiful bag that doesn't advertise itself as loudly.
  10. Welcome to the BV forum. There was a price increase early this year and I think the medium veneta is around 1.5K; I know the large veneta runs about 1.8K and everything goes up from here. Classic pieces such as the veneta, campana, cocker, ball, pyramid are all around 1.5k to about 2.5K. Limited edition pieces such as the cabat is about 5-6K and if exotic leather is involved, the prices go up substantially. If you go on to and go to online shopping or browse through the catalog, you will see the pricing. Hope this helps! :smile: And I think you definitely need a purse to match your wallet :rolleyes:
  11. nathansgirl, there is a "baby bag" that was $560, but they've up-sized it and it prob. now goes for $700+. It's really the only leather bag other than the make-up bags and wallets for less than $1000.

    Regarding the Cabat, at the Chicago NM trunk show, the BV rep carried a Cabat, and you know she could have (and probably does) any BV she wants. For a traveling professional, it would be so practical.
  12. Those are lovely bags you have bought and are about to buy. It is not unusual to buy several BV's in rapid succession...they are addictive! BTW, the campana is my favorite bag of all. It's so comfortable, and after using it awhile, it becomes softer and molds to your body. Not trying to enable or anything...
  13. Thanks for the welcome. I am definitely about to start working ony my first BV. I think they are one fo the few designer bags that are handmade and have such great quality other than Hermes. And I still love Hermes of course, but I figured it was time to finally treat myself to a BV after drooling over them so much.

    I think the next time I go to Charlotte to NM I will get one.

    I really like the beautiful red one that I have seen in quite a few pics on here lately. Can't remember the name of it right off (forgive me.)
  14. ^^^Carmino? It's the new Fall/Winter red and absolutely stunning.

    Hey, you can have both Hermes and BV. Did you know that Hermes and BV get their leather skins from the same tannery? No other handbag makers can get leather from this tannery.
  15. boxermom, i know i can always learn something new from you. no wonder i am so addicted to both H and BV; I guess I could sense a similarity between them. :rolleyes: