New to Bonz...possible payment issue?


Aug 29, 2009
Hi all!

I normally sell on ebay but the fees were kind of getting overwhelming, so I decided to try out bonz. I posted a bag for sale, and someone asked me to put it on hold for a day or two, saying she'd pay in the evening. I said sure, wait the two days, and by that evening (midnight!), there was no payment forthcoming. I sent a message asking for payment otherwise I would relist. Got a message back apologizing for the delay (family/work issues) and was payed via paypal e-check. I message her to let her know I'd ship once the check clears, and she replies, oh, payment should have gone through as an instant transfer. So I ask her if she wants me to cancel the check on my end so she can do the instant transfer.

No reply, never received an instant transfer. Wait a couple days to see if the check clears, get an email saying that the check has been declined by the sender's bank and that paypal will try to process it again, with the estimated clear date of March 30 (the bag "sold" on March 12!!) I messaged her again yesterday telling her that I’d like to go ahead and cancel the e-check so that she could try to pay via instant transfer so she could get the bag in a timely manner. I went ahead and cancelled the e-check. Also, my listing clearly stated payment due within three days...

No response. The buyer seems like a nice person, and I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I am getting tired of waiting. As a seller, the whole reason I put the bag up for sale was to get cash back in return! Should i just send her a message saying I'm going to relist it, and she's welcome to buy it again if she's able to? I just don't know what the right thing to do is here. Any help or input would be appreciated.
Jan 15, 2010
The Bluegrass State
I would just relist it! She shouldn't commit to buy things if she doesn't have the money to pay for them and it's her responsibility to know whether she has available funds in her bank acct or not. You don't want to miss out on another buyer while waiting for her to clean up her mess.



Jan 22, 2009
New York
i agree with the other have been very nice and waited long enough for are missing out on the bag selling to another buyer...I would re-list the bag....if she wants it she will just have to buy it again,,,,


Labrador Lover
Oct 4, 2006
Hi. Sometimes if a credit card expires, a purchase will go through as an e-check. I would have relisted too.


Aug 29, 2009
Thanks everybody! I really appreciate all your replies. Looks like I'll be relisting...:s


Mar 8, 2010
I'd think I'd relist it too but I'd be sure to let the buyer know that that's what you're going to do before buyer accuses you of not telling her.


Dec 17, 2009
From CC Black Box to Orange Box
I sold in bonanzle too. My bag was sold to first buyer who didn't pay within 24 hours. I sent her email saying that if she didn't pay by end of day I will relist the bag. She ended up didn't pay so I relist the bag. Immediately after that I got second buyer who is interested and told me that she would pay later that evening. In addition, first buyer told me that she wanted to pay. I told her go ahead and paid but she didn't do it. I didn't cancel my listing and just let it run as active. Turn out second buyer hasn't paid by that evening. Funny thing that night I got third buyer who is really2 interested and she paid right away full price. So I ended up getting more money on third buyer compare to those two buyers

In my opinion, if they don't pay within your time limit just relist it. They are not really interested and don't cancel your listing or mark it as sold if you have to wait more than 24 hours. chances are if they are not paying within time limits, they are playing with you or having second thought.