New to board please help me decide on a bag

  1. Hi everyone im new here and trying to decide on two bags to buy it is between the Carly signature pouch Im not sure if its really small in person? and the signature duffle in denim also the new blue soho signature hobo. Has anyone seen the any coach denim bags?I have only seen it on the site I am hoping it is a nice denim color:smile:
    thanks;) Jennifer
  2. Go for the Carly!
  3. Welcome to TPF! I have my eye on that blue soho signature hobo too, but in this case, go for the Carly!
  4. WELL ID go for the duffle
    cus the carly in my opinion iss way too small.
  5. Hrm...the carly's are really cute and I think they are large enough for small every day use. The denim line is beautiful and has a nice denim color IMO. Also check around the coach forum to see more pics of the denim line. Maybe some of the ladies can post pics here for you?