new to board and looking for 1st Balenciaga bag!

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  1. Hi,

    I'm getting ready to buy my first balenciaga (the first style). Anyone have the 06 rose pink color? I think it's beautiful, but haven't seen it in person yet. If you have this color, how do you like it and is it a good first buy? I wanted to do something spring/summer like.

  2. I have a pale rose Purse that I can't wait to start using. I LOVE the color.:love: I think it's a great choice for a spring/summer bag!
  3. I think the color is georgeous as long as you are not too afraid of it getting dirty. If you check out the thread "Documenting Balenciaga colors", I believe that one is pictured.
  4. Hi Michelle!
    I have this colour and really like it - and it is also my first B-Bag. So long as you treat the leather with protectant, and the clever ladies here will be able to tell you which ones work best-(I can't buy the apple brand here.)
    I actually use it as my work bag.
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