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  1. Hello All,
    Just wanted to "hi" to everyone here. I usually frequent the RM subforum, but have been stalking the lovely BE's and in fact have my first one on the way, a petrol LM.
    So, here's my next dilemma/question...I have the opportunity to also purchase a TME in chocolate crash (at an amazing price) and have passed on it (for now) because even though it's a fabulous deal, I'm feeling a little "chicken" and uncertain about the shimmery-like finish of the bag. Is this something I'm going to regret? Ideally I'd love something in black and am afraid that even if I get the choco crash, I'll still be left wanting black and instead of having the money to put towards the black, I will have spent it on the chocolate! I'm driving myself crazy...:shrugs:
    Any input, advice, suggestions, etc would be much appreciated :smile:
  2. Well I think that if you really want something black then you won't be totally satisfied with another colour. If I were you, I would stick to your guns, pass on the bargain, and buy what you truly desire.
  3. I can't reply on the choco crash leather since I don't own anything in it but I do know the ladies here say that the finish tones down with use. It looks like a gorgeous color too! As for the style, I have a TME midi in matte chocolate that I love!! I came to this subforum after owning RM too! I now own 2 BE's and love them both!! BE's bags are excellent quality and the cs is second to none!! The gals here are super helpful too! Welcome!

    ETA: I agree with Jenova, wait for black. Black glossy and black crash are two very popular leathers and in the TME are incredible!
  4. Hi Spongebob! Welcome!!!

    Congrats on the Petrol LM......please let us know your thoughts once it arrives! I've got a gorgeous WTMidi in petrol and the colour is unique and very versatile!


    As far as whether you should get the Choco crash vs a black bag, that's a tough one. How many black bags do you currently own??

    The Choco Crash is gorgeous.....and a very limited colour. In certain light, it takes on a blackish hue. Here's another pic of the colour as shown by our very own Bali Girl:


    The Choco Crash is very subtle.....and it WILL go with almost everything. Like Plum Crash, the Choco and Plum are the "new" blacks and are stunning in reality.

    Give it some thought. But if black is still tugging at your heartstrings, then either consider the very gorgeous black pebbled glossy or black crash.

  5. Welcome! Congrats on your first BE that is on the way. I have a Petrol SMM - Petrol is a beautiful color!

    I don't have anything in Chocolate Crash, but the color looks gorgeous in all of the pictures I've seen. I can understand that an opportunity to buy a Chocolate Crash TME at a great price is hard to pass up. However, since you indicated that you'd rather have something in black, you might want to hold off for now and try to get a TME in Black Crash instead. Black Crash leather is great! My Black Crash TME Midi is my favorite bag - perfect size, style, and function.
  6. I have a choco crash Whisper To Me Midi-- and it is chic and sophisticated. That picture above doesn't do it justice, since it isn't shiny or brassy like that. It is the shade of choco that goes with black. The shine tones down within a week of use.
    Search for more pictures of choco crash -- I think someone got a Hug Me recently and you can see the pics there that aren't as brassy. I ADORE choco crash and highly recommend it.
  7. There is a bespoke for the black glossy tme, isn't there?
  8. ^^ Not for me of course because I am being mindful and have already been caught in someone else's tan thread but I thought the OP might take a look! I think the glossy chocolate and glossy black leathers are beautiful in the TME style! If I didn't have the Hug Me in choco glossy already on the way I would have done a TME in this leather.
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    If I had the money I'd snatch up that TME in a heartbeat. And I suspect you will love the chocolate crash.

    That said, it sounds like you really want a black and the chocolate crash probably won't satisfy it.

    I decided not long ago not to buy a bag because it was a fabulous deal but rather to wait until the perfect bag came along. (And it seems they always do, given time.)
  10. Thanks for all your input! It seems the decision has been made for me, as the bag is no longer available. Kind of a relief! The fact that I'm not feeling terribly disappointed assures me that I made the right decision and just will wait until I feel like I know exactly what I want my next bag to be :yes:. So, I will be patient and until then, look forward to receiving the petrol LM! I do already have a brown bag and a black bag...just not BE's ;)
  11. It's so nice when fate intervenes and the end is a happy one!
  12. Yay, great to see you here, spongebob! You made a great choice with the LM...I just got mine in Purple Glossy and I adore fact, I am going to change back into it for tomorrow because I miss it already (I have been using it constantly). Please post pics when you get her!

    Here's my "brand new" vs. "broken in" LM thread:

    Once you go BE, you don't/can't/don't wanna go back. :nogood:
  13. You are SO right!
  14. Thanks, Loquita, that's what I'm afraid of, LOL. That purple is TDF. Really gorgeous! :drool: