New to Bbags


Mar 17, 2007
My first bag was a first, but I found this too small, so I moved on to the twiggy style. I much prefer it over the city, but thats just my personal choice. If you check out the twiggy clubhouse section that will give you some idea about the style and some colours.

Being in the UK, I've bought online off ebay, and once the reference section is open check out what you need to look out for. In the meantime copy the ebay page and paste on the authenticate it forum, and the ladies there will tell you if its ok or not. If you know what your looking for, ebay is the best place for finding a good deal. I search the UK and US site.

Alternatively try,,,

Theres quite a few sites. Look through the thread 'Stores now selling Bbags'.

Hope that helps.