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  1. Hi there. Im new to this forum and also to Bbags. They are reali expensive and I really want to make the right decision as to which colour and style to buy. I know that this may be my only purchase for a long long time. I want everyone to notice it and I also want to be able to use it all the time. i know that so many of the people in this forum have such a large collection and I would appreciate any advice on which one would be the best buy? I like the first bag and also the twiggy. Also, would someone be able to recommend an online store in the Uk as they are very hard to come across. I appreciate all your help.:smile:

  2. Welcome! We have a lot of members from UK, and I hope they will chime in - I know that someone just posted a message about Browns in London putting their Balenciagas online - so check the threads for that. Also, has a good selection of Balenciagas and they have some colors available on sale right now. I'm not sure what Browns website is, but if you are from UK, you probably know what the website is. Right now many of our threads are closed with regard to colors and the different styles. I'm so sorry that we can't refer you to those links, but keep checking back - they should be open soon!!! Also, check on the completed auctions on Ebay - that will give you an idea of some of the different styles and colors. If you see an active auction on Ebay, please come back to this forum to authenticate the bag. My favorite sizes are the Work and the Twiggy. I have a lot of Cities and Firsts also. Again, welcome to TPF! :welcome:
  3. Welcome to tPF! :smile:

    Between the First & the Twiggy, I prefer the Twiggy for an everyday bag. I have one, and its actually my "go-to" bag right now!! The size is great to fit all of your essentials in & doesn't look too big... if you don't carry much, the first would work - but I use it more for special outtings or days I don't need much with me...

    When the reference area, up at the top, is open - there will be alot of good information to compare colors, etc. Meanwhile, you can never go wrong with a Bal blue!! :graucho: There are so many gorgeous ones!
  4. I just want to say thank you for making me feel so welcome.Thanks for the comments, I reali appreciate your help. All other comments are welcome! Regarding the colour bal blue, is it a colour that I could use with most other colours? Would the twiggy also be classiifed as a dressy bag? :confused1:
  5. Balenciaga has many different colors in blue. If you can just hang in there for a few days (hopefully) the new reference threads will be open, and you can check out all of the different blues. In the meantime, go through some of the older threads and take a look at some of the colors. I think the twiggy is a casual bag - just my opinion, but that is how I carry it.
  6. Welcome to Balenciaga Carly! I hope you have fun while selecting your first b-bag! Please don't hesitate to PM me if you have any questions!!! And good luck on your search!!!!

    BTW- the reference section should be reopened in a few days and there will be lots of wonderful photos for you to look at and hopefully, that will help you decide which bag will be the right choice for you!
  7. Hi Carly, I'm in the same boat as you. I really want the perfect B-Bag, too. I'm glad you started this thread.
  8. Hi there! wat kind of bbag are u looking for? I really like the twiggy? its so hard to find the right colour online.this willl be my first one so im not as experienced in bbags as most other forum members!! Were abouts are u from?
  9. WELCOME :yahoo:
  10. You can try Harvey Nichols or Selfridges. You can either go in store or telephone and they will post to you. If cost is an issue, you could always wait till the end of June early July when some may be discounted in the Sales. Keep an eye on the forum, as someone will post when the sales are on and what deals are available.
  11. Thanks Fred & Ginger for the heads-up on when to look out for sales. Carly, I am from San Diego, Ca. What about you? I do like the Twiggy, but I really like the First. I found a gorgeous picture of one last night that was green. I forgot what the color was called, something like verdut grenach (wow, that's probably totally wrong). I found this photo on the Web and I really like the blue. [​IMG]
  12. i think the green color you're talking about is vert gazon..:yes: it's also known as grass green. you should probably still be able to find it in the stores? i saw one at BalNY but the stitching on it was a bit off. it might be hard because it was a popular color! that blue is an older blue (not too sure about the name, turquoise 05?) and almost impossible to find save for ebay.. good luck!

  13. mmm, that is a nice bag!! Im not sure which one i want now!!! :confused1: Im from ireland. very few shops here stock bbags so im trying to fing something online. But i think it wud b better 2 c them in real life! im still having no luck wat so evr finding 1!! :sad:
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