New to BBags - what to look for re: authenticity?

  1. Hey all! I am jonesing for a BBag right now - but have never owned one. Like lots of you, I'm trying to get a decent bargain on eBay, but am having trouble meandering through the sea of listings. Rather than posting a ton of listings in authenticate this, I'd like to get some pointers to narrow down the list, first.

    I'm inclined toward the City. Can anyone help, or point me to the right area for general reference tips on authentication?

  2. nevermind. just saw you dont want to post links at the top -sorry :shame:
  3. Haha! No worries verty!! I meant, I didn't want to post a bunch of links to auctions that everyone would have to troll through! Links for my own reading/perusal are great! The first one listed is EXCELLENT. Thanks ladies!
  4. ^I don't think the girls mind :p That's what they do, plus I'm sure they'd rather check out bags then have you buy a fake :yes:

    I like looking at all the links posted, personally - but I'm not knowledgable enough.. some girls can just glance at it and know right away. It's amazing!