New to Bbags, some questions...

  1. Hi everyone!
    Next weekend I'm going to the US, gonna stay there for two weeks, first skiing and then go to Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

    So, I am thinking about buying a Bbag (would be my first!!). I am wondering how hard they are to find there, maybe you can give me some store names (I already did a search here, didn't find much information). I am also wondering what the average prices are, for example for a First or a City.

    Hope you can help me!

    The above link is a series of postings that shows what stores are currently selling BBags -- it is not an exhaustive list but it should help. Additionally, Barneys and Neiman Marcus both sell Balenciaga bags and both have locations in LA, so you can check there!

    As for price, I am sure some of the BBag pros on here can help you out!
  3. Oh, wow, that is a nice list of stores. Thanks!:smile:
  4. and also check this great balenciaga bible site :yes:
    it has the average price of each item too if u open the "balenciaga motorcycle reference" link.


    g luck on ur first b bags hunt :yahoo:
  5. Thanks! Gonna check out the site now. And hopefully in two-three weeks i'll be a proud owner of a Bbag! :yahoo: or possibly a Paddington.. i am deciding between the two.. although bbags are winning at the moment!