New to BBags...?'s and help please!

  1. Where can you buy Bbags?? I've already ck'd Nordstroms, Saks, NM, and Bloomingdales online and they aren't listed under their handbags section..

    The Balenciaga website just shows pics. No prices, etc.

    I don't have a Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales near me. There's a Nordstroms about 30 mins. away...but that's it. Saks, is a bit far too.

    Is there a website online that sells bbags?? Where I can I find prices, etc.

  2. If I'm not mistaken, you can't buy Balenciaga online.
    Check, they can give you an inventory of what they have and then you can call in an order. You can do that w/ the Balenciaga store in NY as well.

    What bag do you have in mind?
  3. Thx for the info, and the link!!:yes: Umm, I'm not sure. I'm still trying to familiarize myself w/ the bags. I want a black shoulder bag, I know that. LOL!! I thought I'd ck out the bbags to see if there was anything that caught my eye.

    Thanks again!;)
  4. OMG Thanks so much!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate it...helps alot!!:yes: :flowers:
  5. good luck!!! i hope you decide to buy a b-bag :P
    you'll love it...
  6. You can actually buy them online at, but they tend to be really expensive on everything, and are currently on my **** list for overcharging my credit card.:cursing:
  7. Oh LVCRAZED, so you are thinking of trying a Bbag (glad to see you're still 'hunting down' the perfect black bag). Bbags are great (and addictive). Good luck!
  8. Good luck, don't forget to show us what you got!
  9. aloha rags is very good with the delivery and also very fast

    good luck FX
  10. Thanks! Yep, cking out all the PF bag boards for the "perfect black bag" (shoulder bag). Heehee!! Trying to make sure no stone is unturned. LOL!:yes: Seeing if there's anything that catches my eye.;)
  11. Thanks everyone, You all are so kind and helpful!!!:flowers:

    Thanks!!:flowers: I'll be sure to ck 'em out!!!!!! Grr, overcharging..:cursing: I hate when that happens, so aggravating!

    Cool Thanks!!:flowers: I'll ck 'em out! Very helpful!!
  12. Wow, they carry alot of designer bags. Chloe, YSL, etc. So they sell authentic bags? They say they do. But I just get a bit scared. Have you bought a lot of bbags from them? Other than them overcharging you...:mad: How was there service, and quality? Hmm..says no sales tax for CA. I'm in CA. That's good to know. LOL!!
  13. is way overpriced; not recommended. Aloha Rag would be a much better choice - their prices are regular retail, free shipping, no sales tax. Return policy: $50 restocking fee.