New to BBags - Can anybody help with Styles

  1. Hi, I'm new to BBags (I used to be an LV addict) but I am confused by all the different styles. Now I know some of you may be laughing right now but I never realised that there were SO MANY different ones. I have a Black City but that is all. I think I want a Twiggy but I keep seeing people talk about the Part-time, Purse, Box and all the others. I know the weekender is huge but what are all the others? Please help!
  2. you need to go to girly! enjoy!
  3. Thanks I'll take a look.
  4. How did you go vicky?
  5. Checking out atelier.naff can give u more ideas abt the different styles of bbags.......:smile:
  6. Thanks I did see quite a lot of information but I couldn't find anything that shows the different styles and sizes of the BBags.

    I think, from looking at all the photos on PF, that I like the Twiggy or Box (can't quite decide) and the City. They seem like the best sizes for me although I like the fact that you can wear the Purse over your shoulder with the 2 handles.

    Also, colourwise - which do you all prefer - Cornflower or Blueberry? I like the Natural Twiggy I think that may have to be my next purchase. I've got a bit of saving to do first though!
  7. Click the link on the left of the page that says "Balenciaga motorcycle style reference." That shows a picture of each style, and gives price and measurements.
  8. Lovely thanks a lot girls.
  9. Thats great - just taken a look and it confirms my favourites are: First, City, Purse, Twiggy, Day and Bowling.

    Oh goodness that means my wishlist has just got a lot bigger - now what colours? Oh dear my Credit Card has started shaking with fear!!!! (and so will my husband!)
  10. Vickylout, I don't know how close you are to a Balenciaga retailer, but it is REALLY helpful to see the bags in person. There is nothing like holding the bag up and putting it over your shoulder and peering inside to see how much it will hold. And, watch out, girl, because once you've bought one, you're sunk. I know, I just got my first and I'm totally hooked!
  11. Yes well thats how I feel now. As I said I have a Black City and I can't wait to get more. Looking at the photos of everybody with their different BBags I could have every style in every colour.

    My husband is going berserk - he can't believe I've found this site, he says it has made my addiction even worse and he could be right!!

    I don't live that far from London really so I will have to make a trip up there.
  12. :yes:
    Oh yes your husband is right...this site is a killer for getting tempted into all sorts of trouble!!! Bad for our husbands, but great for us!!! I agree on going to see the bags in person is deffinitely the best way to tell what you will like. Since you do have a City, here is a picture that will give an idea of the size differances in the City, First, Box, and Matelasse styles. Speaking of getting into trouble, I bought my first Balenciaga last August and have purchased 14 bags since. This is what is in my current collection now! Make sure to come and share photos of your future purchases!
  13. Wow - I'm gonna be in trouble then. My wish list has already doubled since I joined the site only a couple of nights ago.

    I think I'm seriously going to have to get a job when my youngest goes to school in September. I've managed to get away with being a Housewife for nearly 5 years!

    Maybe I should try and get a job for Balenciaga or something!!!! Oh if only!!
  14. Wow - your Turquoise City and Magenta City are absolutely gorgeous. Now there are 2 colours that were not on my wish list, but are now!!

    I think the City is my favourite size. Big enough but not too big. :wlae: