New to bbags but want to purchase my first one - advice needed on how to track it

  1. Hey all -

    I've always admired Balenciaga Bags, but haven't gotten around to buying one until now. After browsing the forum for a bit, I'm leaning towards making the Balenciaga Day Bag my first purchase, in 'Pine' w/ GGH. Is this bag difficult to locate? How should I go about finding it in general? Should I attempt to track it down in Dept Stores first? or should I directly buy it from Bal NY and Aloha Rag? I'm wary of buying from places with stringent return policies, as if I don't like it..I'm kind of sckrewed. Any advice on what to do will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I think BalNY is great if you think that even if you don't like the day with GGH you would be happy with an exchange. AR has great customer service, I am not sure about their return policy. If you want to have a great return policy try to locat a bbag at NM or Nordstrom AF b/c both places have very liberal return policies. Good luck with your purchase. BTW if you get a VF with GGH I highly doubt that you will return!