New to Bbag obsession; tell me about accessories!

  1. I just got my first Bbag, an '08 Electric Blue City, and the obsession has started... I want a work next!

    So, tell me about your favorite accessories: wallets, makeup cases, coin purses... what else?

    Do you have multiple colors to create a Bbag rainbow all at once, or do you stick to one color family (or even just one color) per look?

    Pictures welcome!!!

  2. modeling pics please!!! my obbssesion just started as well, my first accessory and first Balenciaga item ever is an 08magentaGSH zip wallet =)
  3. I'd definitely try out the GH in the coin purses! Makeups are sooooo convienent! Yes- modeling pictures please?
  4. I love coin purses!! Currently have 3 in my bag. One has money and ccards, one has ipod and earbuds and the other has powder & lipgloss. They keep the little stuff from getting lost in the bag!
  5. That's so cool ladybugfreckle[/]! What colors do you have?

    Ladies, I'll post modeling pics ASAP. I'm currently swamped at work, so I'm trying to limit my TPFing over the next week, but I promise there will be pics soon!