New to Bbag-already obsessed! My 1st Bbag Vert D'eau City


Jan 22, 2006
Hi everyone,

I've been a member of the forum for a while now, but my obsession was mainly w/MJ, BV and Chanel. Well, initially, it all began w/LV but phased out of that a while back. I've always had this attraction for Bbag, especially the City bag but thought that it was too trendy. I held back for a year now and realized I had to have it. Actually, I used to see every girl wear one in NYC, but less people wear it now and I like it that way. More than anything, this bag is so light and perfect for my daily casual wear. I wear jeans everyday found myself not using my other bags often b/c they were too heavy (uh hmmm~~MJ bags) or too formal (Chanels). And I lost love for the my LV monogram bags (I should really sale off these). Ever since I got my 1st City, I haven't worn any other bags since! And I already want 2 more and find myself contemplating over and over about what color in what style I should get. :shrugs:

Anyhow, I wanted to introduce myself. Haven't been posting for awhile b/c I'm trying to get into a grad school and had to study for the killer standardized exam and had been taking some rigorous pre-req courses this year. But I'm BACK! :yahoo:

I bought my Vert D'eau less than 2 weeks ago, and at that time, BalNY had three VD cities Terry brought out. Interesting thing was that the variation of the seagreen color was big. I picked out a very dark version whereas the 2 other ones I didn't pick out were very obviously lighter/minty. The other two were veiny and mine is rather smooth (which was the perfect combo for me, b/c I wanted a darker one and prefer smooth leather) So, I think it'd be a good idea to pick in person if you have in mind a specific preference. My bag looks very close to seafoam colors I've seen on eBay and some of the pictures here. It's deep seagreen color and can't imagine it getting faded in any way. It's thick too and not as shiny as it seems in my pictures. The color of the bag in my pictures are NOTHING close to what it is in real life. In the picture, the color is way way faint than IRL and less intense in its green shade. IRL, it's more similar to the other PF member (Etoile? I believe...)'s Vert D'eau city bag. Mine is a bit darker than that one IRL. It's darker than Pistachio and doesn't have that shade of yellow that Pistachio seems to have. Surprisingly, the color is very versatile, it's easy to match!

I put myself on the waitlist for Naturel First, but I think I'm going to cancel that and replace it with Cafe First. I realized after using my city for less than 2 weeks, that already, I notice wear on the bottom corners of the bag and it's a bit dirty. Also, I freaked out today b/c I was wearing this hot pink cotton shirt and it rubbed off on my bag! I don't think I can handle a light Bbag b/c it's too high maintenance. :sad: In addition, I put myself on the waitlist for Periwinkle City. I though it'd be an easy color to match my daily jean outfits. You see~~I'm already hooked on these Bbags and I need to really sell off my LVs and some of my MJ bags. :rolleyes:

Hope you enjoy my pictures (although the color's nothing like that IRL) I couldn't get the camera to get the real color of the bag...very frustrating. :cursing:


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Congratulations and thank you so much for posting pics. I adore the vert deau and drool over every single picture I see of it. I just can't figure out what style I would want it in - the day, mid afternoon, or mini bowling. Did you see the vert deau in any of those styles?
Gosh, is this the sea green? It looks so different here! More blueish than minty. I reallllyyyy want this bag in city also. Do you think it'll still be around for me in early-ish Febuary?