New to Balenciaga....yes you heard me :-)

  1. Ok, ladies, first off I have to say I get such a kick reading your are all so enthusiastic, you make me smile. I am probably a lot older than most of you (yes, the 78 stands for the year I graduated form high school) but I will tell you now, you are never too old to appreciate (and spend all your money on) a great handbag. I just ordered my first Balenciaga bag (a City) from NM...sadly, for my husband, they know me well.

    Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself!
  2. In the areas where I have lived, it has been the more mature ladies who always carried the finer bags. I feel that I am now starting to come into my prime in this respect.
  3. Hi, welcome in this forum. One thing I know that this forum can really makes you addicted more to Balenciaga. This forum would also give you all new infos about Balenciaga (colors for s/s 2008 when if you ask Bal NY sa, they will say that they don't know about the upcoming colors). There is also thread where you can post pics or link from e*** if you want ladies here authenticated for you. This is a great forum with addicted girls just like me :blush:
  4. Welcome to the dark side you youngster, you! I guess that means I'd be maggien74. Feel a bit younger now?? :rolleyes:

    Now clearly your memory is fading because you didn't deliver the second part of the equation...what colour City did you get???!!!

    A big welcome and take long, slow's tough keeping up with the young 'uns in here :p!
  5. Welcome to the forum pdawg78!:smile:
    You'll love it here..The Balenciaga crowd rocks..everyone's so nice:heart:
    Now tell us, which colour did u get ..
  6. Welcome to the fold! I'm dying to know what color you got too!
  7. Welcome to tPF! I love the city style. It's really the best!!! But what color did you get???
  8. Welcome to tPf... the start to an expensive addiction, the endless lurking, selling & buying... ;). WELCOME & cOngrats on your first purchase~! :drinks:
  9. Welcome! Congrats and please post picture once you get her!!!
  10. Hi and welcome here!

    There is a lot of variety of ages here, which makes the community even more special!!!! Yay!
    Congrats on your new bbag, can't wait to hear/see what color you got! If you are like the rest of us after our first bbag, you will already planning your next purchase.....
  11. WELCOME! You're never too old or young for Bbags!!! I can't wait to the City you got! That was my first Bbag, too! This addiction is fun, sad, exciting, expensive but very worth it!
  12. Welcome, and hope you enjoy your time here - it is quite addictive, really and truly! Share your photos when your bag arrives!
  13. :welcome:Welcome! You will have so much fun here with the rest of us bbag addicts and lovers!
    Wait til you have your first one in your hands....your hands will get sweaty, your heart melt, and you will be back here researching which bbag you should get next!
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome! I actually got my City in Tabac but I definitely want another in a brighter color. I see all your pictures and the variety is amazing. I like the reds but a blue/lavender would be something new for me....aaaaagghh! I really love the Mastic as well, is that color difficult to find? I live nowhere near a store so am dependent on using the phone to order.
  15. Welcome!!! Tabac is gorgeous...I love the rustic feel of the color.