New To Balenciaga-Simple Questions!


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Apr 14, 2008
Hi guys! i'm really new to balenciaga (i just started looking at them today!) I have a few questions that I know you guys have the answers to! First, can someone identify the Balenciaga bag:

Nicky hilton carried it around while shopping at barney's earlier this month. Also, I live in San Francisco, where would the closest store be? It doesn't have to be an actual Balenciaga store.

How long do they last?
What are the easily spotted tell tale signs of fake balenciaga bags?

Also, I wanted to buy a black one, and I noticed that some of the black leathers are really cracked and some look smoother. Is this just my eyes or do they offer more than one type of leather? thanks so much!


Jun 11, 2006
Nicky is carrying a 2004 Seafoam Twiggy. These are no longer available in store because the colors are discontinued each season.

The closest store to you would be Neiman Marcus SF.
Next would be Nordstrom Arden Faire in Sacramento.

There is a mini guide on how to spot fakes in the shopping section.

The leather varies from year to year. 05 and prior are known to be especially thick and buttery. Balenciaga used to only use Chevre (goat) but starting 2007 they started using Aqneau too (Lamb). Everything is made with Agneau in 2008.