New to Balenciaga - questions about where to buy

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  1. Hi,
    I have just fallen in love with Balenciaga and desperately want a bag. I'm not sure which one I want, although I am leaning toward the city. I really want one in a vibrant color, some of you ladies have beautiful bags in gorgeous colors, but I am not able to find any great colors. I've looked online at and Is there anywhere else I should/could be looking?

  2. welcome! i am actually new in the last six months to bbags and amazingly have quite a collection already!

    do you live near a bal store or barneys? you can go in person and see them i was just in my local barneys and was so tempted with the gorgeous mandarin and pinks and will see them and fall in love!

    or if you see something here on the forum you can always call balenciaga store to see if they have it

    bal on line has some great colors right now!