New to Balenciaga: Question about the Part-Time

  1. hi ladies,

    i've been looking through the pics in the reference library. i noticed that some of the part-times have chunkier hw than others. here are two pics:




    what is the difference between the two???

    any help you can provide will be great.
  2. there are currently three styles of Bal H/W

    RH = regular hardware (small)
    GSH = giant silver hardware
    GGH = giant gold hardware

    hope this helps!
  3. oh i see! so the bags are all the same size though, correct?

    thanks so much brunettetiger
  4. the part-times are the same size, no matter what the hardware is ;)
  5. The Giant hardware adds addl. weight to the PT... a good 2-3lbs. Gorgeous though.. :yes:
  6. for daily usage, the bag w/ ggh is quite heavy, so better get the rh one, but yes... ggh is so gorgeous...
  7. I must disagree I do have the PT with SGH and since you do have the shoulderstrap I really don't think it makes such a big diffrence to my RH ones.
    Now this is really subjectiv.
  8. I don't care about the extra weight either - GH is so beautiful!