New to Balenciaga – is there a Weekender size that fits on the shoulder?

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  1. I’m finally ready to make the switch from Chanel so I went to the store to try on some Balenciaga. I adore big north-south style totes, the bigger the better and the softness and droopiness of Balenciaga is irresistible! But the Weekender may actually be too big, even for me - a tall person who carries huge bags.

    None of the large Bbags fit on my shoulder. The Weekender :heart: is my absolute favourite but that one really doesn’t sit well on my shoulder as I was wearing a jacket due to the chill in the air that day. I suppose it could be my summer bag, carried when I do not wear any second layer.

    I’d love your feedback and comments about what bag to look for. Is there a Weekender style with a longer strap? The SA said there were no other Bbags that came close in size to the Weekender, but I immediately thought of the posters here who would really be able to answer all my questions. :yes:
  2. The straps were made longer on the weekenders starting in Fall of 2007 - so any We made after that season goes over the shoulder much easier imo. Also you can look at the "men's weekender" it has a longer strap as well. HTH
  3. Really? I tried the We on in the store and it went on my shoulder but squished up my suit jacket (I was coming from work and was wearing a jacket with a small shoulder pad.) That's not a very long shoulder drop... is the men's weekender much larger and more masculine?
  4. ^^No, it's the same, just has pewter hardware and a longer strap. Check the reference section here - they give exact dimensions in inches which might be the answer you're looking for.

    Even with the new longer strap post 2007, it's still not as large as the men's We.
  5. My SA didn't know about it... no one knows more than the tPF ladies. :biggrin: Okay, I'll check it out!
  6. I have never seen this in real life, but I hear the men's weekender has longer handles than the regular weekender
  7. I have a FW 2009 WE with the longer handles, and it fits over my shoulder when I am wearing a light jacket. I don't think it would fit very well with a thicker, winter-type jacket.

    If the WE handles are a bit too tight for you, have you considered the Courier style? It is a roomy bag with a long strap instead of two shorter handles. I don't have one myself, but I have heard that they can hold almost as much (if not as much) as a WE.
  8. My WE with Giant hardware has longer handles that can fit comfortably on my shoulder. 2007 and above WE RH also has longer handles but really tight on the shoulder still.
  9. What is the next size down in Bbags? Is it the Work? The website says the Work has a 5.1'' drop - the WE only has a 4.3'' drop, according to the website. Maybe I should try the Work again...

    Switching bag brands is so confusing!
  10. I personally find Work's handle shorter than WE's, imo.
  11. Have you tried the suede Weekender? The one I have definitely has a longer handle! Good luck!
  12. I get confused with all the handles measurements from various years, too.

    I find my 2008 Electric Blue Work GGH has bigger handles and a better drop than my 2008 Rouge Vermillion RH Work: so, does having different hardware also have different handle drops? Or is it just the different leathers (my Electric Blue is agneau, but feels like the finest chevre, while the Vermillion is stiffer agneau).
  13. Unless you like big bags, I think Weekender should be avoided...its huge! Part time is big enough for the usual stuffings
  14. It all depends what you like and can pull off. I totally wear my weekender as an everyday bag!!
  15. I love a huge bag! It reminds me of my favourite Chanel Coco Cabas - the original one that everyone said looked like a garbage bag.

    The thing is, my Cabas fits comfortably on my shoulder. I wasn't aware that handle drops got longer after 2007. If I see a used one made before that, it's good to know what I'd be purchasing...

    I'm going to have to back and try the Work. The website says the Work has a 5.1'' drop. That's not bad. The bag is so small though.