New to balenciaga! I have a few questions for you experts . . .

  1. Hi, new to Balenciaga. I've been a Gucci/LV/Miu Miu girl. But I have searched the board and LOVE all your pics!

    I think my favorite style is the first. If you could help answer some questions, that would be great:

    1. For the colors released by year, how likely is it that I would find a 2006 color? Would I be able to find it at a retail store? (In particular the emerald in the first style.)

    2. Is the emerald color still available?

    3. What retail stores carry this? I've seen it at Neimans, what about Nordstrom, Bloomies, Saks, etc?

    4. Does Balenciaga have their own retail stores?

  2. 1. Not VERY likely to find an 06 in a store. Your best bet would be to try eBay. But you could call around to some stores and just ask if there are maybe some floating around in the back.

    2. If it's from 06 then no. Not readily available. * I just looked and Emerald was a s/s 2006 color. Yeah unlikely to find now in any store. Sorry :sad:

    3. Neimans, Barney's, select Nordstroms, some Saks stores.

    4. In the U.S., Balenciaga has their own store in NYC and a Los Angeles store opening soon on Melrose. I can't wait for that one!!!! :smile:
  3. try aloha rag ( for the emerald first.. they might still have it! good luck!
  4. Actually...this might be a bit easier to find (than say...Origan from that same season).

    Try Balenciaga NY (they have some leftover goodies in their backroom)...

    also, try your local Neiman Marcus...if they don't have one ask them to locate one for you...I recall my Neimans (Tysons Galleria, VA) had an Emerald/Emeraude First recently (in great quality too)
  5. is emerald the bright green? they have a work size bright green bag at NM austin. with GGH.
  6. sorry off topic but good to see you again icb! missed your posts :smile:
  7. I recently turned up a pristine Emerald Twiggy on eBay. Emerald is my favorite green bbag--actually, the only green handbag I own.