New to Balenciaga HELP!

  1. I'm an LV addict, but a friend of mine recently dropped by with her Balenciaga motorcycle and it was gorgeous.

    I visited the Balenciaga website and forgive me all, but I'm rather 'green' when it comes to these bags. There is one bag that I've fallen in love with...when you click on the Balenciaga website under "Fall 07" it's the black handbag that says "Fall 07 bag 5101 Look 14"

    I have no clue what this bag is called or referred to, but I love it and would like to know the price and where I can purchase it.

    I'm looking for an amazing black bag and none of the LV bags appeal to me. This one by Balenciaga is to die for....

    I'd appreciate any help and advice.

    Thanks a million.
  2. I think someone could help you soon. I'm a newbie too and love to have one. GL
  3. Can you post a pic or link?
  4. This info was also listed with it: ba_f07_w_bag_2374 I bet you could call BalNY and ask them the name and price with that model number.:shrugs:

    It's gorgeous though!!
  5. I just called BalNY and the bag is called the BIT ( like the horse bit) and it retails $2275.00:nuts:
  6. OMG!!!

    Thanks a million for going through the effort to find that out for me. I really appreciate it.

    It's gorgeous and will be on my wish list.....<sigh>
  7. You are welcome.:smile: It is pretty but the price is so high.:nuts:
  8. I can see why the Balenciaga bags can be addictive. :smile:
  9. i think i saw that in Neimans, its pretty cute