New to Balenciaga.....Can someone help me?

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  1. I am looking to purchase the city bag in "crinkled calf leather". Can anyone tell me the difference between this and wrinkled lambskin? Do you think it is more durable? Not as slouchy? What about in red? I was hoping to find this bag in black, but so far only in olive green and red. Any information you can give is greatly appreciated! TIA;)
  2. They are the exact same thing. Just different copy writers, sometimes on the same website/retailer. Thus, no difference in leather or durability whatsoever.
  3. I just re-read this and realized you said crinkled calf and wrinkled lamb. If you are looking at City bags, they are lamb (agneau). the "calf" reference is an error (I have seen this before). If you are looking at the Papier line (the square totes with slim handles and silver hardware, or the bucket bags), those are made of calf leather. Generally speaking though, you're just getting confused by copy writers who don't know what they're talking about. Neiman's is notorious for this sloppiness with Balenciaga.
  4. Thank you so much for that clarification. Is the lamb skin durable?
  5. Would you say the Goatskin is more durable than the lambskin? I am looking for something that will be just a tad bit more structured than the lambskin. Plus I want it to be most durable.
  6. Sorry "s.tighe", you are not correct .. there ARE Calfskin bags .. for instance:

    • The special Vieux "Ombre" special edition bags were all Calfskin
    • The new Metal Plate bags are also Calfskin
    Calfskin is softer than the Agneau, I would say even softer than the original Chevre .. BUT, they are also more delicate. Here is the special edition "Ombre" bag that I have; definitely NOT an everyday bag ..

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  7. Here is the new Metal Plate bags; they are Calfskin ..


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  8. .. and the Riva style bags were also Calfskin


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  9. Sorry, I should clarify again. As Ceejay points out, there *are* city bags in calf skin. But they are usually limited editions (as the ones she showed). "Typically" the city bags are lambskin or goat skin. Depending on the retail site you are looking at, I have seen them describe lambskin bags as calf skin in error (I seem to remember this happening on the Barney's site, but I'm not sure, it was most likely Neimans because they're such slobs with their descriptions.) They are also variously referred to as "arena" leather, "crinkled," and something along the lines of "glossy".

    I'm guessing the bags you were referring to were the classic agneau (lamb) bags. All bags after 2007 have been lamb skin (with exceptions like the ones deejay mentions). From (roughly) 2003 - 2007 the bags were very soft chevre (goat) leather. Prior to 2003 the bags came in several iterations including boar, calf and goat.

    In about 2013 Balenciaga reintroduced a line of chevre bags in their Holiday collection. You'll hear them referred to as Holiday Hamilton bags or just Hamilton. These were a soft matte pebbled goat skin that had more structure than the "fully collapsible" lamb skin, and were yet again different from the chevre of old, which acted just like the lamb in it's "collapsible," not structured nature.

    After the Holiday Hamitons got quickly gobbled up, Balenciaga introduced the Metal Edge chevre bags, which are similar to the holiday hamilton except the leather is shinier and the hardware has the metallic edging to it. These are also more structured than the standard lamb skin, and are still in production in a lot of really beautiful colors.

    And then there is the papier line, which is always calf. Of course there are exceptions even to this rule, as they've done some papier bags in wool and other fabrics. But as a general rule, those are calf.

    I find both types of bag (chevre and agneau) to be durable. But if you want a bit more structure with your durability, I would investigate the new metal edge chevre bags, (or scour the resale market for a Holiday hamilton, which are fairly rare to find).
    I own one ME chevre bag: it is black with silver and it is hands down the bag that I have to baby the least. Rain wipes right off, it holds it's shape beautifully without being too "suitcase like" and I don't worry about handles or setting it down. The only thing I'm mindful of is making sure the corners don't rub against anything abrasive so the don't get deeply scuffed.

    Sorry to be verbose, but I Hope that helps! :smile:
  10. Thank you so much for the plethora of information . This helps TREMENDOUSLY
  11. I'm by no means an expert and frankly I didn't even know about the different kinds of balenciaga leathers.

    I have 5 balenciaga bags (part time, maxi twiggy, mid day, city and a zipper clutch) and let me tell you they are one of my most favorite bags because I never ever have to think or worry about the leather! I use them, abuse them, toss them around... I even brought one to a beach trip! I can't explain but the leather stays so beautiful and soft and tough!

    Maybe I got lucky and just got basic leathers? I don't know.. I know I sound like such a novice saying all this.. But something about how they crease up and stuff and have these natural looking creases.. I can't explain.. It's just a very durable bag, in my humble opinion!

    Enjoy your upcoming purchase!
  12. HA .. verbosity is the key when "trying" to explain Balenciaga, right?!?! They seem to always be tripping us up with new stuff, horrible pictures of their merchandise (where the picture doesn't show us the 'true' IRL color, etc.)!

    Yes, "s.tighe" you are right .. in general, the Calfskin bags are usually limited edition and totally spot-on in regards to the fact that the big retail stores oftentimes do not describe the bags correctly (a major pet-peeve of mine). Heck, when you go into the stores as well, half the times the stupid S/A's have no idea what they are talking about! One time in N/M, I had a gal tell me the name of the color .. which was the name used in 2007 .. c'mon, really??? .. if you re selling a product then for cripes sake, LEARN ABOUT THE PRODUCT! Grrrrrr ... :nono: :rant:

    Maybe it would be best to post a link to the bag that you were looking at so that we can all tell you what it REALLY is!!! :smile:

  13. Yes, the retailer sloppiness is so annoying. I suppose a lot of their customers who aren't fanatical about the brand don't care and are just buying the bag because it's pretty--the next shiny object--and it seems that's the base level of care most of them put into their copywriting (I'm talking to you, Neimans). But when you're paying an embarrassing amount for a vanity item (let's face it, while Balenciaga isn't as stratospherically conspicuous as Hermes or Chanel, it is still (relatively speaking) an absurd amount to pay for something that, in abstract / in terms of function, could be replaced by a $40 Jansen backpack... right?), they should have the good sense--the *courtesy* to at least tell you, ACCURATELY, what you're blowing [a paycheck, a car payment, a mortgage payment, your rent, a plane ticket to Europe, an IRA contribution...] on. At the end of the day, what you're paying for is style. And the stuff they blow it on completely are the details that give it that style. Again, verbose, but yeah, agreed.
  14. Bummer, the link doesn't show the bag!