New to Balenciaga bags, help please! :)

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  1. I am wanting a few Balenciaga bags really bad! Always been a Dior and LV fan..tired of them now..Balenciaga bags are my next feat!

    How hard is it to find these colors in first bags?
    bubblegum pink, rouge theater, turquoise, and taupe????

    And where can I find these in like new condition if not totally new? I am so scared of eBay since I do not know these bags well enough even though I have read so much on this forum I am still scared!

    Any info on how or where to find these bags would be wonderful :smile:

    I love that this site has such great info! You all are a wealth of information! Thanks!!!
  2. Welcome!
    I don't think you have too many options other than to go through resellers or *bay. I got all the bags on my wishlist (Caramel, Bordeaux, Turquoise) that way and they were all in mint condition.
    The ladies on the "authenticate this" thread of the Bal forum are a wonderful help with eBay purchases and really decrease the fear factor:smile:

    I hope this helps:smile:
  3. There are 08 Bubblegum Pinks which are just starting to appear in stores, so those would be easy to find, 05 Bubblegum would be harder!

    I wish you well,

  4. Ah, there is 08 bubblegum??? I am going to Saks and NM this week TY :smile:
  5.'s so scary to try and buy them this way :sad:
  6. And there is a turquoise coming out in 08 as well, they should start showing up in February, so you can call BalNY or Barneys and put yourself on the waitlist for that bag in a First.

    As far as Rouge Theater goes, that color is super hard to locate because it's a huge favorite. If you want a red bag, the F/W07 Tomato is a beautiful true red. It's bright and there are definitely firsts still available in department stores, possibly even some left at BalNY. You should call around; there is a list of Reputable Sellers and their phone numbers in the Bal Shopping section, it's one of the stickies at the top. Good luck on your Balquest!
  7. There is a Taupe First currently being sold on

    You may also want to check out Sandstone, as it's very similar to Taupe and b/c it's o7, may be easier to locate :smile:

    You're in luck b/c all the colors you mentioned have been "duplicated" recently!
  8. There are always so many nice "new" colors, I don't know how important it is to get older ones.... I think some of the new S/S 08 colors are amazing.
  9. Hello AnnnetteM and welcome to Bal bags! :love:
    For older season colors that are no longer in stores, your best bet is eb*y and resellers like the others have mentioned.
    Have you seen the s/s08 bubblegum pink? I personally prefer this shade to the 05 Bubblegum pink.
    Have a look under the shopping section of the Bal forums, there are a few threads there on purchasing from let-trade, Anns fabulous finds, realdealcollection, and aloha rag (you will need to email them for a stock list as they don't list it on their website) and . Just google the names and you will find their URLs. Hope this helps some!
  10. Thanks so much for all of the help :smile: I actually went today to NM and got all city bags (the first's were too small for me). I got the new Magenta, Sandstone (with the raised grommet thingys), and have first dibs on the Turquoise when they come in :smile: DH got me all 3 for my birthday which is in 3 weeks!!! YAY! I was shocked he got me all 3, but he loved the bags as well! I guess I am on my way to a new addiction!!!
    I will def enjoy chatting here :smile:

    Off to read on the care and maint. thread :smile:
  11. omg... youre so lucky. my bf hates b-bags =(

    ps are you the same annettem from mua? =x
  12. yes :smile: same AnnnetteM from MUA